June 29, 2010

Linda's New Man?

It's seems like the #1 fame-whoring couple of Stardoll, Elite-girl and Ddlm11 are officially over for good.

Last night Linda was spotted holding hands with actor Mr.Wannabecool after an evening of fine dining at a five star restaurant downtown. Our inside sources say that Linda really likes him and that it's the 'real thing' not another publicity stunt.

Elite Network Premiere Party

x.Optimistic.x and myself are having a premiere party this Friday for my latest project for Elite Entertainment. It's a television network called Elite Network that will debut series such as The Real Elites of Stardoll and many more.

The party will take place at EliteNetwork at 7pm GMT/1pm CT.

For more information click HERE.

June 27, 2010

Expect the unexpected

Toast Coffee Shop
I was out at the local coffee shop Toast yesterday morning with my good friends Guaggi and Mimi_Mami when we seen Punkyfish2007 and Devie44 bustle into the coffee shop! Maria overheard Gabby talking about how 'wicked' last night was and Kristen 'blew' her away...a bit graphic for some morning coffee, no? I went over and had a chat with Kristen and she was telling me how Gabby's lifestyle was quite EXTREME and she was trying to fit into it, she mentioned that she hadn't slept since the night I spotted them at Mime! Kristen is really affecting her health, is Gabby good for Kristen?

Here's what one of her anonymous friends had to say:
"I really don't like Gabriella she doesn't like me nor any other friends of Kristen, she spoke some really harsh words with me a couple of days ago...she mentioned how she was the single most important thing in Kristen's life and how she had Kristen wrapped around her skill full fingers (LOL) and how she was there for something from Kristen and that most definitely wasn't love!"

We all know how overfilled Kristen's bank balance is, is this some way of maybe taking Kristen's money? Do i smell a gold digger in town!?

View the post when Gabriella made quite the scene at Mine nightclub by clicking here.

Chloe + Tyler +Ellie = Fight x 3

Elite wannabe - and former best friend of Fakeshake3, Toxxic.Angel has discovered the truth about Ellie and Tylerisbold recently when Chloe threatened to expose that Ellie is in fact a Transsexual!!!

It all started four days ago when we shared that Ellie and Tyler have had a fallout you see... Once Chloe found out that Ellie put ice down a paparazzi's front she was mighty ticked off. Chloe and the anonymous paparazzi is actually one of Chloe's best friends. Chloe and Ellie had a good time back when things were good between them, but Ellie discovered that Tyler was cheating on her with Chloe. We all know that Ellie is a person to have high alerts and she has had issues with trust since she was raped when she was in her early teens.

Well because Chloe and Ellie were once best of friends they had secrets. Ellie even said to Chloe that she is a guy! Here is a picture of Ellie before and after the "operation."

before - after

Is it Eli or something? And plus "his" brows looks like one of the wild things xD
Back to the subject...
  • Tyler and "Ellie" had sex on their honeymoon
  • Tyler left her
  • Ellie got pissed off and put ice down a Paparazzi's pants
  • Chloe isn't very happy and asked if we could share this rumor about Ellie
Hmm... Poor Tyler, maybe he saw the scars and that's why he had that breakdown... We will update you more later. Comment if you have some info about "Ellie".

June 26, 2010

Blonde, stylish and possible crown in the future?

Creative director for Barbie™ and part time designer Ciaraleanne has been chosen to be one of the contestants in Miss Universe 2010.

The Miss Universe spokesperson said-
"Ciara is the traditional blonde with brains and style, many call it overrated for a blonde to win but here we look at your outside AND your inside, and i'm pretty sure a charming soul like Ciara may already have it in the bag!"

Even though Ciara has made such a person out of herself her long time friend Findurlove (indirectly) said she disagrees on the situation of Ciara going on to the pageant! Maggie tweeted earlier today-

"Pageants are for the shallow and vain, and manipulates girls in a way they should never be! It's like highschool except it's on a stage, the whole world is watching and the guy you want to impress is a 60 something year old redneck!"

Is it jelousy? or something that reminded Maggie of her rejection in high school?

June 25, 2010

Vanessa & Charlotte's Mansion Set Ablaze!

Soon to be married couple, Star_Awards and N1mka4eva, returned home last night after a romantic sushi dinner at La Chi only to find their new mansion on fire!

Fire fighters and investigators were quickly on the scene. Although the house was burned down down, fortunately their maid wasn't their at the time and a few of Charlotte's dresses and jewelry were recovered from the fire.

As of right now there is no answer as to what started the fire but investigators are saying it is possibly arson! The person they suspect? Vanessa's jealous ex-lover -Inspired-!

Witnesses say they seen Emma driving near the house in her car and then later was seen erratically speeding away! As of right now Emma is no where to be found and her girlfriend, Bluegreen86 says she hasn't seen or heard from her in a couple of days.

Reports claim they last seen Emma going incognito the same night just after the fire was started at Stardoll International Airport hopping aboard a plane. No one knows as of yet where she was off to but people are saying her destination was Zürich, Switzerland.

'White Sex' Best Dressed!!

The Classy

The Creative
These were just some of the 'best dressed' partygoers that attended BadMediaKarma's White Sex party a couple days ago.

As for the party, it was extremely wild! Can't wait for the next one!!

June 24, 2010

Oh the Joy!

Just your normal girl Mysecketlover, just publicized in the Dioguardi Press Conference this past Sunday that she announced to the public about her new baby girl. When asked by our correspondent:” Who’s the father?” she simply laughed and Manolo.DiCicco the owner of Dioguardi appears right behind her, his hand by her waist. Manolo assured the public of the fact he is the father. After the press conference, an anonymous witness saw Emma and Nojarama at an alley behind Dioguardi building, arguing. After an approximate 10 minutes, the witness saw Emma give Nojmul a kiss, and handed him the little girl.

Suspicion arises, who is the baby’s real father? Did Emma get a raise because she slept with her boss? Does Manolo know anything about this? What will happen to Dioguardi?

June 23, 2010

Baby Blooming?

It was just yesterday that we spotted them at a cocktail party in Paris, but rumors have developed that Fakeshake3 and her hubby Tylerisbold had a fallout after the party. The fallout was over some very shocking news Ellie had been keeping from Tyler. Sources say the news was that Ellie is pregnant and has been since her honeymoon. Tyler was so upset that he apparently left Ellie to "get his head around things."
"I rather not talk about it, but yes, Ellie was part of the reason I had a meltdown yesterday. I'm not going to confirm any rumors about baby blues." -Tyler
When we tried to get some dirt out of Ellie herself, she put ice down one of our pap's pants. We will keep you updated in the future.

June 22, 2010

Baya Tweets: White Sex Party!!

"Just got back from the White Sex party with the Bad Media Karma group! It was amazing with so many scandalous drama!!! Will be posting a best dressed list soon."

Hall Of Fame Party Invite!
Yet another event is coming this upcoming Sunday!

Marikate14 is throwing a party at her place for The Stardoll Hall Of Fame at 6pm GMT on June 27th!

Will you be attending?

The party has been moved to June 28th!

Ellie & Tyler Spotted In Paris!!!

We have finally got the first public sighting of Fakeshake3 and Tylerisbold since they tied the knot back in March.

Although there've been many reports of their marriage going off on a rocky start, Ellie and Tyler were spotted in Paris earlier today with all smiles while attending a outdoor cocktail party. An inside source that attended the party told us, "They both seemed to be enjoying themselves, and they certainly acted like a married couple. They chatted and laughed along with guest, but I also notice Ellie bickering with Tyler by the end of the party."

June 21, 2010

Mary Gets LACE.D!!!
Writemarycat released a timeless design called LACE.D today.

This is a must have dress that every girl should have in their closet!! This very sexy dress is $30 and to pre-order your very own you must contact Mary by clicking HERE.

Time To Sparkle!!
It's that time again. Reality star Emorox4eva will be hosting The Sparkle Awards again this upcoming Sunday!!

Will you be attending or watching?

The awards have been postponed until further notice!

The family that films together.....

The Foster sisters were spotted downtown this afternoon with film cameras surrounding them. They were filming the 2nd season of their hit reality show, "Foster Family."

The trio were walking into a flower shop. Our sources say they were getting the flower arrangements done for Star_Awards upcoming wedding to N1mka4eva.

Vanessa's sisters are playing a big role in the upcoming wedding. Emorox4eva is the wedding planner and Vasia28 is her maid-of-honor. The wedding details have been tightly sealed from the public, but we hear the wedding will be very small with about 30 guest only in attendance!

A New Face!!

Supermodel Jerrix will be the new face of Victoria's Secret. The newly named spokes model confirmed the news this morning

This is what she told Elite News, "This is an amazing opportunity that I take greatly. I'm honored and can't wait to begin this new exciting chapter in my life as a Victoria's Secret spokes model."

Bad Media Karma!!!

Writemarycat and her partner in crime, N1mka4eva have came up with a project that will hopefully change the Stardoll scene.

Mary and Charlotte are starting a club for the most outspoken and controversial people of Stardoll! It is pretty exclusive, and your need to contact Mary for membership.

The club is rightfully named ''Bad Media Karma'' and basically it's a club that will slowing bring back our crazy world we all once craved for. If you're in this club, you'll be in on everything, what's happening, the latest drama and news, there'll even be special parties for the members!

Contact Mary HERE and tell her why you think you should be a member of the club!

June 19, 2010

Did She Overdo It?

By: Gabby Smith

Friends were frazzled when former model turned gold digger, HAPPY_2007 showed up to a party for the unveiling of the new StarBerry phone.

Kristina, who got a total of 5 surgeries plus some injections went a good 15 minutes at the party being totally unrecognizable by people and even some of her friends!

A friend at the party stated, "At first Kristina came to say hi to us and we couldn't even tell if it was really her. She definitely made things awkward for us the rest of the night."

Kristina told reporters at the event, "I got a tummy tuck, brow lift, cheek implants, nose job, my chin sculpted, lip injections, and botox in my face and forehead."

Friends are worried she may be come addicted to plastic surgery. She keeps talking about what she could do next!

Nicole get's scrapped from debut movie!

On set at Meet The Fockers (Little Fockers) movie
To-be actress Nicole-0 got into quite a scandal in the past couple of days over some issues with her stealing! This has had DRAMATIC effects on her career! She was suppose to be cover girl for 'Eternity Magazine's upcoming issue but it was announced yesterday that she was no longer cover girl and released what would've been Eternity's Summer Issue cover.

Just moment's ago Warner Bros announced that they were scrapping her from her movie debut in upcoming comedy, Meet The Fockers (Little Fockers) sequel film. Berry Meyer made a statement on the offical WB site saying- Nicole got into some big trouble, i'm sure you all have heard about it. Here at Warner Brothers we do not like to hire people with such low morales and we've decided to scrap her from being the main role in Meet The Fockers (Little Fockers) movie coming this Fall.

We saw Nicole's little spree, flashing the cash, now that she has no job with Warner Brothers, is her career over? is she drowing in debt?

June 18, 2010

Ellie helps the youth!

Actress Fakeshake3 was spotted at HOPE, a home for troubled orphans yesterday, she was spotted signing autographs for caretakers and volunteers aswell socializing with the children and doing a brief presentation/talk letting the children know they can do anything with their lives.

Heartwarming! She also wrote a check for 1,000,000 dollars to the HOPE foundation, generous? Aye!

It's been a month since the whole incident with herself and husband Tylerisbold, and she was seen at HOPE without a ring on, did we not spot trouble from the beginning of this relationship?

June 15, 2010

More than a new dress for a Party?

Writemarycat was spotted at a black tie event, our secret source who was at the event told us Mary was with a total random no-one we had never heard or seen of, but he was from Mary's hometown Ukraine and he was only in for the night so Mary brought him as a date for the night! Other guests apparently sensed more than friendship between Mary and 'him'!

Last we heard Mary was pregnant and much so together with Chad, so what is this? Also our secret source told us they could not see Mary's bump much so it made us wonder if she maybe had an abortian?

Any of you guys got a clue?

Elena & Kamil's PDA

Avant-garde couple, Gkmktk & Kamil01 were spotted attending a runway fashion show event yesterday night showing their public display of affection for eachother.

The match-made-in-fashion-heaven couple were certainty dress to impress with their leathering black assembles! Onlookers say Elena & Kamil were completely smitten with eachother. They were holding eachothers hands and smooching throughout the show.

June 14, 2010

Near Death Experience

By Maggie Parker

This just in! Recherche Editor at large doinker_Chic has just been seen at the ICU in the Memorial Hospital; doctors say she has dislocated shoulder, severe neck problems and a broken leg; furthermore, as her case doctor reveals her chances of living her normal life are minimal due to the injuries caused by the accident. Our correspondent contacted the police chief for more details; and it seems as if Lily has been run over by a car from some mysterious driver. Onlookers say she was crossing the streets last night, at around 7 pm after the Dioguardi party, and whilst going to the parking lot was then suddenly hit by a white Lamborghini. Witnesses could not see the driver, yet described the driver as a girl whom left the party earlier that same party.

The police are searching everywhere for the car, and the driver has not been taken into custody yet;

Doctors are waiting for Lily to wake up from her coma for interrogation.

June 13, 2010

Vasia Signs Record Deal!!

Reality star Vasia28 signed a record deal with Dark Doll records!

Our inside sources say that Vasia will start recording this Summer and release her debut album in the November. The album with feature pop and rock tunes. We also hear her album is being produce by her boyfriend DKCalifornia95.

Launch Party Aftermath!
The Elite Diary launch party was held today at Ruffian! It went extremely well.

I'm glad to have finally launch this new yet very different project from Elite Entertainment. It's an online diary that follows the day-to-day life of BabetteCouture's road to stardom in Stardoll, which you can take a look at by clicking HERE.

At the party I also announced that I myself will be opening a personal blog of my own, in which I'll give you a behind the scenes look of my Stardoll life. The blog will be up and running soon.

Lastly, I announced that there are two new additions to the Elite News family and they are Nojarama and the lovey Findurlove!!!

June 12, 2010

Chalice's Murderer Caught!!

Nojarama, Hunnigall, and the Stardoll Police fooled us all on the truth behind Chalice's murder, but once you read on your understand why...

Chace's Statement
"I lied about murdering my daughter to protect Alice. You see, two weeks after Chalice was killed Alice and I received anonymous envelopes with graphic pictures of Chalice being murdered and a note that said Alice would be next. Alice and I went to the police. Since were huge stars, the police didn't want the media to get the real story of what was happening, due to the fact it might scare off the killer. So we came up with a plan to make it seem like I was the murderer and fled the country while Alice stayed in Stardoll alone. So while I was stuck in seclusion in Mexico, Alice was with undercover cops posing as her "friends". Alice had to put herself in vulnerable situations knowing I was out of the picture. Finally things came to a close yesterday evening, when a young man tried to kidnapped Alice after walking out of her house, but undercover officers caught him before any harm was done. The young man's fingerprints match the fingerprints on the photos."

Police Statement
"The Chalice Fare-Valentine homicide investigation has come to a close. Chace Valentine was never a suspect in the murder, he was only a willing participant in a elaborate plan that our homicide team came up with along with Alice Fare. Weeks after the plan was played into motion, we successfully caught the real murder. We have disclosed the name of the suspect, due to the fact he's under the age of 18."

Just glad everyone is safe now, but who could this young man be?

Dioguardi Cruise 2010/2011 Out!!

The latest Dioguardi Couture collection was released today, which you can view by clicking HERE. Fashion designer Manolo.DiCicco and his team did an amazing job.

For my full intake on the collection click HERE.

Lilly Slips About Baby-Daddy!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Actress Cianboland was interviewed from Cannes Film Festival by Irena Sheldova, an Elite News Russian correspondent. After several months of hiding, Lilly finally revealed where and what she has been up to.

Lilly told us that she is 6 months pregnant and is due at the end of the summer. Lilly then told us something much more interesting, she said, "The father is actually well known around Stardoll, and is actually quite deceiving,"after a few minutes during the interview, Lilly finally slipped and said the first name of the father was John. As in John2_el_mejor!!

Lilly got so furious and started to curse upon his name, Lilly then burst into tears and started to say how much she hated John, she said she hated him more than anything else in the world, Lilly got so mad she stormed off the red carpet.

We haven't heard or spoken to Lilly since but a close friend of hers has been in contact with the Elite News to reassure everyone that she is in good condition,but is still very upset about the ordeal!