March 30, 2011

Vanessa files for divorce!!!!

Early this morning, Star_Awards was spotted leaving the courthouse downtown with her sister Emorox4eva. It turns out Vanessa was there to file divorce papers from her marriage to fashion designer N1mka4eva, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the divorce.

The couple tied the knot in July 2010.

According to Miss_LolitaF, a friend of the couple, she says "this is so shocking and surprising, I just hand lunch with them a week ago. Charlotte must have really done something horrible, because Vanessa loved her so much. I will certainly be there for V during this hard time."

Story still developing...

March 22, 2011

Jenna & Stanley Get Mugged!!

Emorox4eva & her husband Decowood were gunned down and mugged while leaving a restaurant last night!!

When the couple got to their car, a undefined man grabbed Jenna and pointed a gun to her head and ordered Stanley to hand over the car keys and to lay on the ground, then he pushed Jenna to the ground and tied both of the couple's hands and feet and duck taped their mouths. The thief then took off with a clucth, wallet, jewelry and the couple's car. Two minutes later, a lady came across the couple and called for help.

According to the Stardoll police, they believe the person behind this mugging may also be the same person who mugged Style_Magazine back in November. Due to the fact that both crimes took place around the same area and that the mugger tied the hands and feet of his victims and had the same gun. But this isn't the first crime against Jenna and her family, last month her home was robbed also, and the couple think it isn't a quiescence!

A friend of the couple say, "Jenna is still in shock and both her and Stanley are paranoid that someone is after their family, so paranoid that they agreed to send their daughter Fiona to stay with close friends."

March 20, 2011

Ellie gives birth!

Fakeshake3 and Tylerisbold have just announced on their Twitter account that Ellie has given birth!! According to close friends, Ellie was actually admitted in to hospital on Wednesday evening, whilst experiencing labor pains. The hospital thought it was nothing, and let her stay the night, but at half 11, she phoned Tyler telling him to come back. The baby was born at around 7:45am on Thursday morning.

The baby boy was born at a healthy 6lbs 4, and was rather tall at 52cm. On their twitter account, they stated "We're now proud parents of a baby boy named Hamilton Thomas Petersen-Watson! TY for the well-wishes! :) <33 E&T xoxo"

Tyler also said it was like "a late anniversary gift, but the best he could have asked for."

How romantic!!

March 18, 2011

One year already??

I know I'm shocked too. Can you believe it's been one year since Fakeshake3 & Tylerisbold eloped? Especially after all the drama these two have reportedly been through!

According to a close friend, the couple celebrated their March 14th wedding anniversary stuck at home due to Ellie's bed rest because of her pregnancy. So Tyler had a chef from Ellie's favorite restaurant come over to their home and had him cook them a full course meal and after that they both watched a flick.

Oh, how romantic, Ellie is expected to give birth to their first child any day now!!

Baya Tweets: Elite Gathering

"Went to a small social gathering with some of Stardoll's elites, but I had to leave because my girlfriend Lee was upset I didn't take her and kept texting me to leave! When I got home I swear I didn't hear the end of it!"

Lolita & Reza heading to splitsville?

Miss_Lolita and her boyfriend Paria10 were spotted leaving a five star restaurant last night, but according to onlookers the couple didn't have a great time.

"Things were certainly very tense, Reza seemed frustrated and Lolita kept trying to calm him down, but before there food even arrived Reza left the table and Lolita got up and followed Reza out the door and both didn't come back into the restaurant," said a onlooker.

So what exactly was going on between the two?? Well according to a close friend of the couple, Lolita has been keeping a huge secret that Reza found out at the restaurant when he saw a text message from Lolita's phone while she was in the restroom. He confronted Lolita about it and now he doesn't want anything to do with her.

So are Reza and Lolita over??
And what is Lolita's huge secret??

March 17, 2011

Ashely & Sam Tie The Knot!

Finally! Heiress Beverlyhillshei and billionaire .SAMtheMAN. got married in a small intimate ceremony over the weekend! Only a few guests were invited, and even Ashely's estranged sister LilMrsRich was in attendance!

These lovebirds have been through so much this past year. From Ashely's public and costly divorce to DKCalifornia95 (which uncovered her affair with Sam in the first place). To her unexpected pregnancy with Sam, which sadly ended up in a miscarriage months later. Both Ash and Sam took it very hard, but in the end they over came it and now almost a year later since, these two have finally tied the knot! Congrats!

Till death do them part, because nothing will ever tear these two apart!!

March 14, 2011

John's Other Addiction??

It seems like his sex addiction is not enough for John2_el_mejor, because according to reports, John also has a drug addiction! This morning, the former designer was spotted visiting a psychologist's office downtown, and some friends of him say that he's having troubles with drugs lately.

'John's health is the thing that I'm worrying about,' - said a close friend. - 'He should go to rehab immediately, until it's too late.. we don't want him to end up like Kurt Cobain, no matter how great he was!'

So, will we soon watch John spending time in rehab or he'll keep partying hard? Well, keep your eyes open and watch what happens!