April 20, 2011

Style lands new deal!!

After months of financial trouble, leading up to the selling of her mansion, along with bad publicity because of accusations about her mothering skills, and the arresting of her assistant in the Starplaza case, the silver lining has finally appeared for Style_Magazine.

Style is now the chief fashion editor of the up and coming Stardoll "Bouchic" magazine. Style tweeted that she was "thrilled" to finally be back in a business she loved, and that her "Twitfam should watch out-the style's going to be gorgeous".

In a statement from the chief editor of Bouchic, none other than fashion sensation Bashy77, she said, "I'm thrilled Style accepted the contract. Obviously, this is a new experience for me too, but I know that Style deserves a second chance-and after running her own magazine, she can definitely give me tips on how to make mine a success."

However, the question long will she last?

April 18, 2011

PerezStarGossip Speaks Out

PerezStarGossip was spotted in India, giving a conference on world hunger. "I'm not doing it to gain popularity," she tweeted earlier in the week. "I just want to use my popularity for good. I think my new fictional book about a starving Indian girl will definitely change people's outlooks." Perez recently fired workers from her insanely popular blog, which caused them to spiral onto different blogs. When she arrived at her speech with EliteNews representatives, she began dishing about her book. From what we hear, it's deeply emotional, and includes graphic depictions/photographs of starving Indian children. She says that every penny she receives from these books will be doubled and donated to the Save The Children Foundation. With a baby on the way, we're astonished she went through with a trip to India. According to several onlookers, Perez asked that the food present at her conference be taken out to the nearby village and given to them.

She plans on teaching them how to cook with their minimal supplies, and will in turn learn their secrets. You go P!

Nojarama Gets Bashed

Nojarama was spotted walking out of Fierce Headquarters (his fiance Hunnigall's magazine) with a battered right eye. While he didn't speak to us about it, he did tweet about it.

"OMG. I was just walking out of Dainty Doll Bakery, and this man

walked up to me and said 'you are a sick homo! burn in hell!' then punched me in the face!!! No blood, but I'm bruised pretty bad. #NOH8"

This sparked the interest of many iconic people in the LGBT-Community to speak out; including TrixieDeeLight, SaltyDan, and Star_Awards. We can only hope that Nojo can get over this traumatic experience. Stay fierce!

April 2, 2011

Breakthrough in Starplaza case!

Almost over a month after the Starplaza break-in, Stardoll police confirmed that they have a new lead taken the suspect into custody. The suspect is none other than Phishtickie, a former assistant of Style_Magazine!!! She was arrested and taken into custody this morning. According to the police they have clear evidence that Phishtickie was behind the break-in due to surveillance footage and eye witnesses.

Moments after the arrest, Style was called in for questioning, but her rep has not commented on the case, but the Stardoll Police said that Style "has nothing to worry about if she's innocent," but the police refused to go into specifics to why they are questioning Style.