December 27, 2010

Chad A Cheater??

While attending a Star Awards after-party a couple days ago, onlookers reportedly spotted MadWorld getting extra friendly with model Zoe_COUTURE.

According to onlookers, both were getting hot and heavy at the VIP lounge. And when a partygoer asked Chad about his girlfriend Writemarycat (whose expected to give birth in February), he said "Mary Who??" Chad was then later spotted checking into a hotel with Zoe later that night!!

But guess what!! After speaking to Mary, she told EN exclusively that although she is having Chad's baby and loves Chad with all her heart, that both her and Chad have a open relationship! Meaning that both are allowed to see other people yet still be in a committed relationship! "Every relationship is different, Chad and I have a amazing relationship, but having a open relationship just works for us." said Mary. What's even more crazy, Mary was the one who set Chad up with Zoe!

December 26, 2010

Eliza Gives Birth!

An interesting post for you EN readers. Remember that time when we discovered Eliza (Wooldoor, one of our reporters) was 8 months pregnant? Well know she's given birth to a beautiful baby boy which she has named Raiman. Elite news is happy to reveal that we have now managed to find photography of the baby.

This beautiful picture of Raiman was posted up on her personal blog. Wooldoor, we wish you the best for you and your baby! When asked the question of 'how she is feeling' she responded:
"This is one of the most joyful moments in my life! My little boy Raiman is beautiful!" I hope you enjoyed this news, EN readers. He was born prematurely, but he is indeed, a christmas baby!

December 24, 2010

Maggie does NOH8!
The recently awarded Best Female of 2010 Star Awards, Findurlove is one of the many stars to join the NOH8 campaign! Maggie is supporting gay rights and saying no to drugs!!

What a wonderful role-model!!

The Star Awards!!

The 2010 Star Awards were magical!! The whole event was classic and memorable. Big winners were the amazing Hunnigall and myself. We both took home 2 amazing awards. Even fellow EN writer and Alice's fiance Nojarama won the award for Best Male!! It was a great ceremony! Star_Awards was a great host!!

To check out the full list of winners click HERE.

December 22, 2010

One year later...

I'm so speechless.

I can't believe it's been one year since this blog made it's debut to our beloved Dollywood. Most blogs don't last that long and I believe this one last has long has it did because of it's entertaining stories and most importantly because of the awesome readers. I just want to thank everyone for taking time out of their day to read this blog. I also need to thank the amazing talented writers for their brilliant stories. You made this blog bigger and better throughout the year. Thank you.

December 15, 2010

Stardoll's Christmas Charity Event!!

Emorox4eva and Bluegreen86 have just made an announcement that they will be hosting a charity event for Christmas.

The event will consists of comedy acts, song and dance, yet the line-up will be announced closer to the time. The date has been confirmed as 29th December, just a few days before the New Year but after Christmas.

Jenna and Mel released a public statement saying; "We know the date's quite hard, but we decided to have it as close to the New Year and Christmas as possible. We are advertising it as a Christmas event, but we will be giving the money a few weeks after Christmas, and we'll be using some to buy gifts and clothes. We've been working on this for ages, so we both hope the Stardoll community will come out and support it. The notice is very short, and we apologize for that, but we decided just a few months ago we wanted to do this. Tickets are available to buy now, and we're releasing the line-up next week.".

December 10, 2010

Style lashes out at baby!

Major news recently, Style_Magazine was caught on camera lashing out. Upon who did the (once) one of Stardoll's most legendary power woman recently living in a more rustic lifestyle lash out towards? No-one but her very own (adopted) offspring, Robyn!

Style has been trying to rake in the $$$ which she once used to roll around in but it really hasn't been doing her much good, so much to even having to sell off her mansion. However just before she moved she had been in talks in having her very own reality show (evidently times really have gone hard at the Style crib) anyhow filming began from when Style departed from her vast beauty of a house and was moving into her new property. In the coming days one of the cameramen left the camera in their home and Style being completely oblivious to this and so did her typical 'things'. Style was watching some TV and Robyn was yelling her brains out as it was clearly time for her feed, however Style just sat there, as the crying progressed Style got frustrated left Robyn in the room alone to cry! She then was heard yelling telling Robyn along the lines that she shouldn't be selfish as they cannot afford baby milk she should be considerate and shut-up!

Nevertheless after all of the above we believed the worse had come and gone but boy were we way of the mark! Style came back with what looked like dog food and fed it to Robyn.

Will child protective services interfere????
What's next in Style's downward spiral???

Mel & Emma Going Strong!

Seems like Bluegreens86 relationship with -Inspired- is going strong. The beautiful couple were spotted ice skating downtown last night. The couple have reportedly been dating since early March of this year!!

In a recent interview, Mel discusses her relationship with Emma:
"Mmm...(giggles).....Emma's my rock. She always make's me smile. She's one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. She taught me to be true with myself and not to be afraid of being who I am. Unfortunately, people judge her because of her past. My friends sure did. When I told them about Emma, they were shocked. Not because she was female, but because of her ex [Star_Awards]. Although I don't condone what she did to her ex, I understand. She was heartbroken after she found out she had been cheated on. I think anyone who felt like how she did at the time would of done the same thing. How would you feel if the person you thought was your soulmate had been cheating on you?? Her ex lost out on a amazing person."

December 4, 2010

Lily's skeleton in the closet?

Doinker_chic amazed us all with her collections. They were both impeccable yet did she find the time and money to produce such works of art? Of course us being the credulous observers we are, we didn't think for even a micro-second Lily could've been involved with a sweatshop!

News broke out just this evening, that allegedly Lily has been running a sweatshop where underpaid children have been manufacturing Lily's award winning collection. This is all quite obscure at this current time and there have been numerous investigations been going out since the coppers got tipped off.

How will this case conclude?
Will Lily be proven innocent or is she indeed a federal delinquent (in pearls)?

Style: I prefer the simpler life

Just a few weeks after selling her mansion and putting her penthouse on the market and being force to move into a small apartment downtown, Style_Magazine claims that sometimes, "I prefer the simpler life."

In a TV interview with SDElites, Style told her fans and audience that "living a glamorous life isn't always fun, as you've seen recently with my own experiences. The paparazzi are always there, looking for one thing or another to make a story with. The fans are amazing, and the fun But sometimes, I admit, I can see the appeal of leaving it all behind. At the moment, I have to admit I prefer the simpler life. My apartments closer to where I need to be, and it doesn't take as long to warm up in the winter either!"

But could Style be implying that her time in the spotlights...over?

December 3, 2010

Vaisa MIA

We all know her as the outgoing type, but social butterfly Vasia28 has been caught in public with her, erm, parts out. Top and bottom (we blurred her bottom half out though).

In recent weeks we have seen Vasia with scratch marks all over her body, so maybe drugs have gotten to her? When we caught up with her we questioned her, but instead of answering us, she pulled down the straps of her bodysuit, exposing her tits and yelled out "I'm a FREE bitch!" She started to run off into the sunset, but as we chased her we soon lost her. The weird thing is we chased her with a car?

Later, as I tuned into Elite Network's latest show "Pant's Down", I saw a group of girls playing Strip Poker. I tried to change the channel, but the remote went flat, and I am pregnant and was home alone, and we all know how hard it is to get off the sofa with a rodent inside you. So I settled watching the show and surprise, surprise, I saw Vasia. Well, the bust of her. How I know it was her? Nobody has nipples that big but her.

I phoned the network and asked where she was, they told us that she walked out when she realized that the camera wasn't a mirror and the camera man wasn't a mirror man.

Please, if you have seen a nude belle running around with mouth-sized nipples, please contact us by calling


We will keep you updated.

An Artistic Awakening

Dollywood artist Tcholas93 attended the opening of Downtown Artistry, a high school strictly for painting/drawing/sculpting.

"We're so glad to have such a talented woman here!" the principal proclaimed. Other memorable artists that attended were the very John2_el_mejor. "John's Designs has been re-opened, and I'm doing better than ever!" said John about his career. We also saw someone we haven't seen in quite a while... Manolo.DiCicco! Only Elite News was allowed inside the bash, and we got a few words from Manolo. "I know I haven't been very out there lately," he started. "But I have some big plans for Dollywood!"

Could this mean that Dioguardi will be coming back with a bang?

Nicole was the spotlight of the night, and gave her own speech on protecting the arts. "Art is so important," she began. "it can show you wealth, poverty, love, hatred, friendship, death, and so many more things you couldn't even imagine. Art is so important to give us a glimpse into the past. Without it, we wouldn't know how the natives lived, or how the Declaration of Independence was signed, or who the first presidents were." She continued a small talk on how Downtown Artistry is one of the best schools out there, and got a standing ovation by the crowd.

Eliza's Baby Bump!!
Here's a little treat for you EN fans. Wooldoor, one of our amazing reporters is 8 months pregnant and recently took this photo to share with her fans on her personal blog. This is one of the reasons she hasn't been very active on the blog these last couple of months.

Everyone at EN, wishes Eliza the best and we can't wait to meet baby Raiman (boy) or Konnie (girl) soon!!

December 2, 2010

Breaking Shocking News!!

Miss_LolitaF was spotted making a visit to SCCC (Star Child Charity Center), when a tragic accident occurred- the center caught in flames! Reporters were there in an instant, and some even offered to put their cameras down and help the workers rescue the children in the building.

The fire chief has declared the fire to be arson!
"We have found one culprit by the name of Alphonsinne. The police believe she is the cause of the fire at the center. The highest sentence we can get Al is 20 to 25 years, but we assume she will receive the minimum 20 years."

Al is a highly successful writer for a tabloid magazine, Seen on Stardoll, with other writers being the ambitious designer John2_el_mejor. There is no doubt that Al will be getting a fantastic lawyer. For now, she has been placed behind bars at the station in LA, and will be in for a few days due to questioning, fingerprinting, and all.

As for Lolita, her recent money woes forced her to resign from donating 30% of the proceeds of Lieve by Lolita and was at the center to help out instead of making a donation. She escaped with just a 1st degree burn on her right leg. She's also planning to take legal action on the main culprit.

Our hearts go out to SCCC, and hope that the center will be repaired quickly!

December 1, 2010

EliteMale at the Eternity beach house

EliteMale was spotted at the Eternity beach house, which was opened in 2009. Some of writemarycat's closest friends can stay for free, but most elites have to pay a hefty $400,000 a night, which includes the house to themselves, full access to the bar, and unlimited use of the boating equipment (yachts, jet skis, etc). Tim was arm in arm with an unknown model from Stardoll Fashion Week. Any ideas?

We're surprised Tim wasn't crying, after the recent departure of his ex-lover, Springate. We do know that Tim and the unknown model headed to a high-end tattoo parlor after brunch at the Lilystone Café. They were seen snogging on their way to the parlor, but denied it when a paparazzo inquired.

No word yet on whether they got a tattoo or not.

A Midnight Stroll

Newlyweds, Star_Awards and N1mka4eva were spotted taking a midnight stroll through the park yesterday, hand in hand. Star and Char recently bought Style_Magazine's mansion, for a reported $3. Mil. They have successfully moved into their new home, and are still unpacking boxes.

Vanessa has been busy with rehearsing for the 2010 Star Awards. There is also suspicion that the red carpet event will be held at none other than The Dragon Lantern, Char's favorite theater, and the spot where they had their first date.

Onlookers say they seem very much in love, but Nessa seemed stressed. Could the new house and the award show be too much for the pair? We'll have to wait and see.

Style Goes House Hunting

Style_Magazine took to the hills after she was recently forced to sell her mansion and also had to recently put her penthouse on the market. Style's close friend Tylerisbold wired her money from Paris, just in time for her to go house hunting. Apparently she's got just enough money to afford an apartment two blocks away from her ex, Model-Selena!

"Go check out the new designs on Style Bazaar!" she recently twittered. Releasing just 100 dresses for a measly $11, Style's luck is starting to look up. In another attempt to pay the bills, Style is auctioning off her clothes for crazy cash. Looks like Style might be getting some extra cash coming her way if she plays her cards right!

**Your favorite queen bee wannabe -Pop_Tart- is here! I will be giving you the inside dish on what the celebrities whisper about at the parties, whether it be scandalous or petty. Thank you Baya for this wonderful opportunity!