August 17, 2011

Kamil & Elena UPDATE!!!

We just received an update on Kamil01 and Gkmktk's condition after being in a huge car crash! According to our sources, Kamil reportedly loss a lot of blood after suffering a huge hit to his head which has landed him in a coma. As for Elena, she's awake, but can't remember a thing and also can't move a bone in her body. Doctors don't know if it's temporary or permanent, it's still to early to say.

We've also received news that the driver who caused the accident and was killed was in fact heavily intoxicated. Never drink or drive people. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

Ashely & Tyler On Set Of SK!

I visited Queen-of-mean. & Tylerisbold on set of their hit show, Samantha King, this past weekend. As I chatted with the actors, they both gave me the dish on what they thought when first signing on to do show and how it's been working together.

"After reading the first script, I knew this was the show that I wanted to be involved in. It's so risque and different, very original. I couldn't wait to play this character. I must admit, I was pretty nervous working with Tyler, especially when it came to the sex scenes, but he was very sweet about it and tried his best to make me feel has comfortable as possible."

"When I was offered the role, I was pretty hesitate, because it's such an edgy role and at the time my wife was pregnant and I didn't know if it would be appropriate for me to take on such a raunchy role, but my wife insisted that I do it and I couldn't be happier to have taken on the role seeing how good the show has turned out so far. As for Ashely, she's amazing, she's very easy to work with. She take's her job serious, yet she isn't letting her new found fame go to her head."

Make sure to catch this week's new episode on August 18th on Elite Network!

August 16, 2011

Charlotte Arrives At Hospital!

N1mka4eva has just been spotted arriving at the downtown hospital after hearing about her twin brother's horrific car wreck. Her rumored lover, Undamyumbrellla was also close by her side has both entered the hospital doors.

No news on what condition Kamil01 and Gkmktk are in, but we hear it's very serious. As soon as we hear anything, were make a sure to update you all.

Are thoughts are with Kamil & Elena and their family.

Elena & Kamil Involved In Deadly Wreck!

Gkmktk & Kamil01 were involved in a horrific car wreck just minutes ago, the couple were leaving a downtown cafe after a speeding car unexpectedly crashed into them, flipping their car over a couple times. The driver of the other car was killed on impact, and as for Elena & Kamil they are being air-lifted to a near by hospital after suffering major injuries.

Story still developing....

Baya Tweets: Exciting News

"Sorry for the lack of posts dollies, but I've been busy working with a famous someone on something big!! Who? What?? Don't worry, because I'll tell you all everything very very soon!! Maybe days, hours, minutes, now perhaps???"

August 4, 2011

Linda's Bacherlortte Party!

Elite-girl held her bachelorette party last night! Linda celebrated her last weeks has a single lady with gal pals Poohg_113, Star_Awards, Findurlove, and Queen-of-mean.!!

The ladies were spotted all over the city going to club to club throughout the night. According to our sources, the ladies are now staying at an exclusive spa resort to recuperate from their wild night!