November 27, 2010

Elena's get's her cameltoe on?

Gkmktk was spotted on her new perfume Rage, press tour. The risk taker was sporting wedges which were 18 inches, an embellished custom-made neck-brace and most importantly (and scandelously) her UBER tight (around the crotch area to be specific) hosiery! Elena revealed a camel toe which made even the people passing by stomach curl!

November 24, 2010

Mary & Chad Spotted!!

It's a been a while since we've seen these two lovebirds in public!

Yesterday afternoon, Writemarycat and her boyfriend MadWorld were spotted leaving a doctor's office downtown. Mary and Chad have been out of the spotlight as Mary get's further into her pregnancy. Mary's 8 months along and is expected to give birth by February.

A close source tells us that the on-and-off couple "have finally reach a stable and happy relationship in which both are truly content with. Mary no longer parties how she used to and Chad has controlled his jealously. They've both matured hugely. So far they aren't planning to get married anytime soon. Both just want to focus on the arrival of their baby."

November 17, 2010

Style's Mansion: SOLD

After going bankrupt, Style_Magazine was forced to put her $3.5 million dollar mansion on the market in May. Now our sources have confirmed that the castle-like mansion has just been sold to newlyweds N1mka4eva & Star_Awards!!!

The couple have been staying with Vanessa's older sister's (Emorox4eva) guest house since their mansion caught on fire in early July. A friend of the couple says, "they are so excited to have a home again that they can call theirs and are ready to finally start a family in it." They reportedly bought the mansion for $3 million dollars and will be moving into it very soon.

As for Style, she and her daughter have been staying in her downtown penthouse, in which she's also being force to putting it on the market by the end of the year. Poor Style. Don't worry, there are plenty of nice apartments out there.

Lolita declared BROKE.

Yupp, the drama involving the legal battle between Miss_LolitaF, ex-workers of The Stardoll Shiner, The Stardoll Workers Union and of course, the public, is exactly that...a drama!

As union workers of The Stardoll Workers Union held the second meeting today with Lolita, well, let's just say her behaviour displayed it all for them. Today, Lolita turned up late for the meeting once more; last time, it was simply an hour, and she used traffic as an excuse, but this time, she was two hours late. The union workers described her behaviour as 'disgraceful' and 'gave a bad name to everyone who followed her'.

Union workers decided that this case would close with Lolita paying $15,000sd to every worker of The Stardoll Shiner. Her PR Manager later released a statement saying that, 'unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, Lolita has declared herself bankrupt, and will borrow money from The Stardoll Bank to pay off the compensation that her workers feel they deserve. However, as her collection is doing extremely well, she feels that she'll be able to come out of debt soon."

The Stardoll Bank has given her a loan of $50,000sd, but claim that Lolita 'already has other loans totalling up to $100,000sd to pay back, excluding the most recent one we gave her, with an interest of 3% per year'

Lolita has refused to comment on previous loans, how she's now managed to borrow $150,000sd from the bank which is increasing and increasing, or as to how the meeting with The Stardoll Workers Union went.

What will this drama bring us next?

November 15, 2010

No decision reached in Lolita's Case

As today's legal battle with Miss_LolitaF and the union executives of Stardoll Workers Union continued, we can be the first to tell the public that no decision into the case has been reached yet. The meeting location was originally secret, but one Stardoll member found that it was at one of the most obvious places, the HQ of SWU.

The Union workers are demanding Lolita pay each worker of her blog, The Stardoll Shiner, approximately $15,000sd in compensation for a combination of redundancy payment and mistreatment of staff.

Earlier on Sunday, a statement was released from Lolita stating that her fans need not worry, because she can 'assure them it'll be sorted as quickly as possible,'. However, when union executives spoke to the press after the meeting, they claimed that Lolita reached the meeting over an hour late, describing her behavior as 'selfish, unprofessional and proof of why she's in the current situation,'. When asked as to why she was late, Lolita shrugged and replied, "Because I was. There was traffic, I had things to do, and although I tried to get there on time, I didn't. So I'm sorry for that, but I guess that nobody in life's perfect,"

Lolita and the union workers of Stardoll Workers Union have scheduled another meeting for Wednesday afternoon. The meeting location this time will not remain secret, as she has, according to union representatives, "abused all the privacy and dignity we gave her,". The meeting will still be held at the Stardoll Workers Union HQ, and it will start at approximately 3pm. Union executives have promised that if no decision is reached by then, "she'll have one day to choose between paying compensation or taking it to court. If she fails to choose, it'll automatically be a case taken to court,"

November 14, 2010

Effay Cleared of Drug Use

Brit-On-Me was cleared yesterday of using drugs at the popular French Flamingo nightclub, after both forensics and drug test results came back negative.

Effay was released from the Stardoll Police Department late last night, and when met with waiting paparazzi, made this statement:
"I'm just glad I've been found innocent. I like to party, but drugs just aren't cool, you know? Whoever made that call is probably on the drugs themselves, and I hope they pay for it."

The SPD are currently searching for the person who made the phone call that sparked the investigation, on charges of wasting police time.

Lolita's Statement

Prior to her meeting with executives of the Stardoll Workers Union and her staff members of The Stardoll Shiner, Miss_LolitaF has released a public statement regarding the issue. While at a press conference on Saturday, she told Elite News during an exclusive interview that "it is a matter to be taken seriously" and that she would "participate fully in reaching an agreement".

Her full statement read:
"Yes, I heard about that. It's a matter to be taken seriously, and they'll have my full co-operation. I'm going to make sure that I participate fully in reaching an agreement. I'm not sure what the exact details of the charges are yet, but presumably, I'm going to find out in the meeting on Monday morning, I understand that some of my fans are disappointed by this case, but I assure them that it'll be sorted out as quickly as possible."

When told about some of the charges, and asked about whether or not some of the ones which were pressed against her were true, Miss_LolitaF refused to comment, saying that was something that "was going to be discussed only in the boardroom,"

Union executives earlier said that the location of the meeting would remain private to prevent any harassment from the media.

November 13, 2010

Style Living In Fear!

Style_Magazine was spotted in public today for the first time since her mugging a couple nights ago. Style was running errands all day with very tight security by her side!

A close friend say's, "Since the mugging, Style has been paranoid and fearful of her life. She even asked her good friend Tylerisbold to pay for her public security, in which he is since Style is strap for cash. She also skipped out on taking her baby to a doctor's appointment, because she's scared the baby will get hurt."

Mel's Auto-Biography!

Supermodel Bluegreen86 has announced that she's working on a new book which will be an autobiography entitled "Fame Fashion and Friends: My Journey". This book allows the public to experience her journey in Stardoll, and how she got to where she is today. The book is due to be released in 2012.

Here's what Mel said during a TV interview:
"Yes, 2012 is a long wait, but I think it'll be worth it. I need to make sure it's the best it can be for all my fans, and I want to include the moments which were really special for me throughout. 2012 is an approximate date,and we may release it sooner. Fingers crossed, everyone, and I'll let you know when there's more info!"

November 12, 2010

Effay Caught With Drugs!

Famed socialite Brit-On-Me was arrested at the French Flamingo nightclub last night on suspicion of drug use on site!

Effay was dragged from the prestigious club by police last night, based on an anonymous tip from another partying at the club. It is reported that someone called the station and left a message that they had seen Effay in the restrooms taking a cocktail of ecstasy and cocaine, then dancing dementedly around the club! Owner of the club, missricopenguin was stunned and appeared to be unaware of any issue.

Here's the owner's statement:
"I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Yeah, there was crazy dancing, but that's normal. I certainly didn't see Effay behaving erratically, at least no more so than others."

The police have yet to confirm the results of the drugs test, or of the forensics search of the toilets. We hope it's a misunderstanding, drugs are not smart Effay!

November 10, 2010

Style Get's Mugged!!!

Style_Magazine got mugged while leaving a nightclub last night!!

Style was reportedly gunned down to the ground and tied up by an unidentified man. The thief took her purse, jewelry, and her shoes!! Thankfully, Style was left unharmed.

According to our sources Style was frantic and frighten by the whole experience that she doesn't plan on ever going back to doing anymore nightclub appearances any time soon. "Style was at the club to host a event that was taking place. She's been making appearances like this for cash lately and now Style is too frighted to do it anymore. Now she's force to look for other jobs to make some money," says a friend.

November 8, 2010

Back Together!?!?

-Cooldude and ex-girlfriend Starsan were reportedly seen together while attending Vasia28's concert Sunday!

Sources say both have re-kindled their romance just recently. Both had a huge break-up back in May after Stacy found Sean sleeping with her sister!!! I guess all is forgiven???

You know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater.

November 7, 2010

Charlotte's FG departure?

N1mka4eva is leaving Fashion Group!!

Charlotte hasn't mentioned why she's leaving and what her intentions are but our sources say the reason for the leave is so she and her wife Star_Awards can start the adoption process without her having to spend much of her time working. "Charlotte's work is a major thing that almost broke up her and Vanessa. Vanessa always hated her hectic schedule, and didn't want to raise a baby if Charlotte wasn't gonna be around most of the time," said a close friend of the couple.

So we're saying adiós to the Eternity editor-in-chief. Talking about the magazine, what will be happening to the magazine? Who's taking over Charlotte's position?

New faces of Dioguardi Couture?

Dollywood's mega-fashion-brand Dioguardi Couture have chosen Noelle_Page and Isabella.Arci as the face of their upcoming collection! The duo will be all over the brands AD Campaigns for the next year. Noelle, Isabella and Manolo.DiCicco were spotted at the White Room partying it out!

It's seems like these supermodels are coming out of retirement!!

November 6, 2010

Baya Tweets: Thank you!!!

"Because of you guys, Elite News was nominated for the Best Gossip Blog award for the 2010 Star Awards!!! I just want to personally thank you all!! I appreciate the fact that you all take time to read the blog everyday!! Thanks!!!"

November 5, 2010

Jason Speaks Out About Divorce

Just one week ago actress Filipinhamaria filed for divorce from her husband llcooljason. Citing 'irreconcilable differences,' but our sources tell us that Jason's infinitely is what actually led to the shocking split.

Here's Jason's statement:
"I wish her the best in everything. It's a sad time in our lives. And we're looking forward to how we can help our kids the best way we possibly can. And that's the most important thing. My actions certainly led us to this decision. And I've certainly made a lot of errors that I will have to live with. We all just want to move on. My children are my main concern right now."

He states his 'actions' caused the divorce, so is he admitting he cheated??

November 4, 2010

Tyler & Ellie In Therapy??

According to close friends, parent's to be, Tylerisbold & Fakeshake3 are trying to make their marriage work by attending couples therapy!! Tyler & Ellie started counseling once they found out they were expecting a baby.

"They both have very dominate stubborn personalities, which makes a marriage like theirs really hard. In order to make it work they started going to couples therapy. If that doesn't work then they have agreed it would be best to split up for good and share joint custody of their baby.
They just want their baby to be in a positive and healthy environment, " says a friend of the couple.

Aww, how grown-up of them!!

November 3, 2010

Marcela House Break-in!!!

This afternoon, a crazed fan broke into .Marcela..'s home hoping to meet the actress in person. Fortunately, the star's private security team performed a quick citizen's arrest on the creep and called the police shortly after. Luckily, Marcela wasn't home at the time.

The police took the man into custody and booked him for misdemeanor trespassing. He is being held on $2,500 bail.

First Public Sighting Since Baby News!!

Sporting a huge smile, PerezStarGossip was spotted with her husband Prime_Tyme downtown looking like a couple of parents-to-be in love. So sweet!!

Perez is expected to give birth in the Spring!!

November 2, 2010

Model Behavior

Noelle_Page and her bestie Isabella.Aric were trying awfully hard to avoid being photographed together as they made their way out of a restaurant in Tokyo on Saturday night. The former supermodels were later spotted partying all night at numerous nightclubs.