November 12, 2010

Effay Caught With Drugs!

Famed socialite Brit-On-Me was arrested at the French Flamingo nightclub last night on suspicion of drug use on site!

Effay was dragged from the prestigious club by police last night, based on an anonymous tip from another partying at the club. It is reported that someone called the station and left a message that they had seen Effay in the restrooms taking a cocktail of ecstasy and cocaine, then dancing dementedly around the club! Owner of the club, missricopenguin was stunned and appeared to be unaware of any issue.

Here's the owner's statement:
"I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Yeah, there was crazy dancing, but that's normal. I certainly didn't see Effay behaving erratically, at least no more so than others."

The police have yet to confirm the results of the drugs test, or of the forensics search of the toilets. We hope it's a misunderstanding, drugs are not smart Effay!