June 27, 2010

Expect the unexpected

Toast Coffee Shop
I was out at the local coffee shop Toast yesterday morning with my good friends Guaggi and Mimi_Mami when we seen Punkyfish2007 and Devie44 bustle into the coffee shop! Maria overheard Gabby talking about how 'wicked' last night was and Kristen 'blew' her away...a bit graphic for some morning coffee, no? I went over and had a chat with Kristen and she was telling me how Gabby's lifestyle was quite EXTREME and she was trying to fit into it, she mentioned that she hadn't slept since the night I spotted them at Mime! Kristen is really affecting her health, is Gabby good for Kristen?

Here's what one of her anonymous friends had to say:
"I really don't like Gabriella she doesn't like me nor any other friends of Kristen, she spoke some really harsh words with me a couple of days ago...she mentioned how she was the single most important thing in Kristen's life and how she had Kristen wrapped around her skill full fingers (LOL) and how she was there for something from Kristen and that most definitely wasn't love!"

We all know how overfilled Kristen's bank balance is, is this some way of maybe taking Kristen's money? Do i smell a gold digger in town!?

View the post when Gabriella made quite the scene at Mine nightclub by clicking here.


anonymous abby said...

This was completely boring.

Dei said...

Not my Gabby :o She is too nice to steal monies.

But question.. lol.. but.. is every other girl now a lesbian or something?

Not complaining about lesbians, nor am I one, but just saying.

Scandalous, none the less x]

Mimi_Mami said...


Nojarama said...

Dei i doubt Gabby is lesbian xD as the storylin goes it seems as though she's going bi for the money x)

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