June 25, 2010

Vanessa & Charlotte's Mansion Set Ablaze!

Soon to be married couple, Star_Awards and N1mka4eva, returned home last night after a romantic sushi dinner at La Chi only to find their new mansion on fire!

Fire fighters and investigators were quickly on the scene. Although the house was burned down down, fortunately their maid wasn't their at the time and a few of Charlotte's dresses and jewelry were recovered from the fire.

As of right now there is no answer as to what started the fire but investigators are saying it is possibly arson! The person they suspect? Vanessa's jealous ex-lover -Inspired-!

Witnesses say they seen Emma driving near the house in her car and then later was seen erratically speeding away! As of right now Emma is no where to be found and her girlfriend, Bluegreen86 says she hasn't seen or heard from her in a couple of days.

Reports claim they last seen Emma going incognito the same night just after the fire was started at Stardoll International Airport hopping aboard a plane. No one knows as of yet where she was off to but people are saying her destination was Zürich, Switzerland.


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Oh the irony! I love it!