June 26, 2010

Blonde, stylish and possible crown in the future?

Creative director for Barbie™ and part time designer Ciaraleanne has been chosen to be one of the contestants in Miss Universe 2010.

The Miss Universe spokesperson said-
"Ciara is the traditional blonde with brains and style, many call it overrated for a blonde to win but here we look at your outside AND your inside, and i'm pretty sure a charming soul like Ciara may already have it in the bag!"

Even though Ciara has made such a person out of herself her long time friend Findurlove (indirectly) said she disagrees on the situation of Ciara going on to the pageant! Maggie tweeted earlier today-

"Pageants are for the shallow and vain, and manipulates girls in a way they should never be! It's like highschool except it's on a stage, the whole world is watching and the guy you want to impress is a 60 something year old redneck!"

Is it jelousy? or something that reminded Maggie of her rejection in high school?


Ciara said...

Yayyy Barbiee

anonymous abby said...

This one is actually pretty good to read!

miki said...

good read compared to the 1st 2 posts.

miki said...

good read compared to the 1st 2 posts.