May 31, 2010

Perez's Fast Ride

By: Baya Nikolas
PerezStarGossip was spotted getting ticketed for speeding on her motorcycle while passing The Grove yesterday afternoon.

Perez was a good sport about it though and had this to say to the paparazzi around her, "Nobody get's special treatment, not even me."

Sean & Stacy Call It Quits!

By: Baya Nikolas
It's seems like rocker -Cooldude and his Playboy Playmate girlfriend Starszn have called it quits after 5 months of dating!

Stacy was spotted moving her belongings out of Sean's apartment downtown this past weekend. Our sources say that the reason for the breakup was because Stacy caught Sean in bed with an other women, and that other women was no other than Stacy's older sister Shanelrouge-!!! Stacy was reportedly in full rage when she caught them that she began throwing things around and destroying everything in his apartment!

Chace Spotted In Mexico

By: Baya Nikolas
Sources say that alleged murderer Nojarama was spotted somewhere in Mexico.

Last month Chace admitted to his ex-fiance Hunnigall that he murdered their baby girl Chalice back in Feburary after finding out the child wasn't his. Ever since then Chace has been M.I.A. The Stardoll Police are taking in tips from anyone who knows Chace 's whereabouts.

May 29, 2010

John's New Girl!

By: Gabby Smith
Just two weeks after his split with princess Kahlen08Heiress, John2_el_mejor was seen running errands yesterday with a supposed new lady in tow!

The alleged girlfriend is Russian model/photographer, Natali_Black!

The couple was spotted early in the afternoon yesterday making a stop at John's lawyers office to discuss his upcoming trial and later they stopped at El Vino for lunch where they were seen kissing half of the time.


Close friends of the couple say Dasha is holding off sex because she knows John is a recovering sex addict and doesn't want to rush things only to have her heart broken. John respects that and agrees it is the best decision.

Smart girl! We really hope this one lasts!

May 28, 2010

Foster Sisters Celebrate!!

By: Baya Nikolas
It was a family affair yesterday evening. Sisters Emorox4eva, Star_Awards, and Vasia28 were spotted with their significant others Decowood, N1mka4eva, and DKCalifornia at The Grove.

The group were out celebrating because the sisters had just signed on to do a 2nd season of their hit reality show "Foster Family", which will start filming on June 1st.

Linda's Playboy Shoot Sneak Peak

By: Baya Nikolas
We received a exclusive sneak peak of reality superstar Elite-girl's upcoming Playboy cover photoshoot spread it's June issue.

Linda's boyfriend Ddlm11 set up her Playboy debut. So he must be fine with Linda's nude body being seen by many men around the world.

May 22, 2010

Ryan To Spend The Weekend In Jail!

By: Gabby Smith
Reality television star, Ddlm11 was arrested outside of Club Envy at 1am this morning!

Party goers said they seen the arrest coming a mile away due to Ryan and his big drunken ego. Ryan was seen three hours prior, taking shots of tequila. That's when things started to take a turn for the worst. He and this one guy at the club could not get along at all for some reason and then Ryan ended up punching him. Security immediately kicked Ryan out, but the fight continued outside the club. Moments later police showed up and Ryan was arrested for being drunk and disorderly conduct, as well as assault!

As of right now Ryan is in jail and will have wait to see a judge due to the fact that it is a weekend. He will be able to see one on Monday when he can post bail. His girlfriend and fellow reality star, Elite-girl has been tweeting about the incident like mad.

We smell a publicity stunt!

May 21, 2010

Style Spotted With Baby!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Style_Magazine was spotted walking around at The Grove with her newly adopted daughter Robyn yesterday evening.

Onlookers say Style seemed very joyful and had a huge smile while strolling around with her daughter. We also hear Style is planning to move out of her $3.5 million dollar mansion and will stay at her penthouse downtown, so the baby could be closer to her doctor's office for her routine check-ups.

May 18, 2010

Marriage On The Rocks?

By: Gabby Smith
Police were called to the home of entrepreneur, Tylerisbold and his wife, fashionista, Fakeshake3 early this morning at 3am!

When police showed up both Tyler and Ellie were in an all out screaming match and both had visible scrapes and bruises and Tyler had a very noticeable cut on his left cheek. In the police report Tyler claimed Ellie threw an ash tray at his face which resulted in the cut. Ellie denied the accusations by screaming, "If it is any ones fault it is Tyler's! He started it all!" Tyler was clearly in fright hoping Ellie wouldn't expose his secret to authorities but Ellie screamed at Tyler, "Your secret is safe with me you dink!"

Still no word yet on what he started or what he is hiding, or who called the police, but sources say it was the maid who called 911! But Tyler was spotted entering their home early this afternoon.

The couples rep has yet to comment on the situation or if they are back together or if Tyler was just picking up his things.

May 15, 2010

Motherly Mary!

By: Gabby Smith
Well it seems Fashion Group owner and all around fashionista, Writemarycat's life sure seems to have taken a 180! Her publicist just announced that Mary and her boyfriend MadWorld are expecting a baby! Mary is due to give birth in February of next year!

And although Mary is pregnant, her and Chad don't feel any rush to get married anytime soon. They want to take things easy and get married after the baby is born, especially since Mary is busy running Fashion Group! Mary released a statement saying, "Me and Chad are thrilled to finally announce that we are expecting! I must say that this baby has literally saved my life and turned my outlook on life and choices around for the best."

Aw, how sweet?

Sources say due to Mary being from the Ukraine, both Mary and Chad want to give the baby a Ukrainian name in honor of Mary's heritage! At the moment they are thinking either Aleksandr for a boy or Lilia for a girl! And also Mary's long time pal and editor-in-chief of Eternity Magazine, N1mka4eva will be the godmother!

Precious! Congratulations Mary and Chad!

Perez & Malik Take A Break!

By: Baya Nikolas
Newlyweds PerezStarGossip & Prime_Tyme were seen arriving at Hawaii today.

We hear Perez & Malik are out there for a little R&R for the weekend. The couple tied the knot back in January and seem like they're happily married till this day.

May 13, 2010

Fifi Spotted & Pregnant!!!

By: Tiffany
That's right, heiress Fifibannana has been spotted for the first time in 5 months!!!

Onlookers saw Fifi today for the first time in 5 months with a baby bump! She was spotted at a fast food restaurant near BBS studios.

Onlookers said Fifi was rude and annoyed when asked about her baby bump and had this to say: "Yes, I'm 5 months pregnant and the father is none of your business. I have not been in hiding but I have been in Mexico for 5 months to get away from the public eye."

May 12, 2010

John + Kahlen = Couple???

By: Baya Nikolas
Alleged sex addict John2_el_mejor and recently dumped Kahlen08Heiress were spotted walking out of a cafe shop this morning while at The Grove.

Both were confronted by paparazzi has they headed into John's silver Lamborghini. When asked if they were dating Lady Kahlen said, "he's my king and I'm his queen, it's met to be" and when asked about her former boyfriend MadWorld of a couple of weeks, she said, "Chad was only a prince, a boy, a confused boy and John, well he's a man, he knows what he wants."

John just smiled and ignored the paparazzi and both him and Kahlen got into is car and left.

Does anyone smell a publicity stunt?

Dioguardi Cruise 2010/2010

By: Tiffany
Today Manolo.DiCicco announced his new campaign for Dioguardi called Cruise 2010/2011.

Sources have been interviewing Manolo today saying whats going on as he has been avoiding the public. Friends of Manolo's have been saying he is annoyed with the public right now as he is under a lot of stress sorting everything out, staff have been saying there has been late work that still hasn't arrived to him yet.

So right now if your planning to take a visit to Manolo then buzz off!

May 9, 2010

Cat Fight Between the Siblings

By: Lexi

After Manolo.DiCicco recently hired his sister Nicole-0 for Dioguardi Group, he was seen furiously yelling at her.

We asked Findurlove for her insight on the sibling cat fight. She said, “Nicole was working on a project and as usual horribly messed up. Of course Manolo was freaking out as the due date for the very important project was coming up and he fired his sister.” Just this morning an anonymous by-stander tells us “Nicole marched right up to Manolo’s Beverly Hills mansion and called him out. I heard many several….interesting, words being used to describe him such as a**hole, f***ing moron, and well other things too.

Meow – this sibling relationship just got a whole lot more interesting.

Ashley Goes Off The Deep End?

By: Gabby Smith
Just 2 weeks after suffering a miscarriage, heiress BeverlyHillsHei has been partying hard!

A friend says, "A lot of people are worried about Ashley's well being. She has been partying too hard and drinking a lot and when she drinks, she drinks to get drunk! We strongly believe it's due to the miscarriage. She is still very devastated and in a very fragile state. She has also fallen back into old habits such as smoking cigarettes and hardly eating anything."

Just 2 days ago, Ashley was spotted stumbling out of XCIX night club and fell down drunk and had to be carried the rest of the way to her car by one of her bodyguards! Yikes!

Another friend says, "Not only are we worried about Ashley, but we are also worried about her fiance .SAMtheMAN.! He also has been hitting the bottle pretty hard. And like Ashley, he also has gotten back to smoking cigarettes. Nasty!"

Hopefully they'll be able to gain control before things start to go majorly down hill.

May 8, 2010

Style Adopts Baby!

By: Tiffany
Today, Style_Magazine told Elite News that she has adopted a baby from a care home in Boston.

This is her statement:
"I have been planning on adopting a baby for over 6 months and I finally decided on doing it a month ago and I signed all the papers 3 weeks ago and this afternoon I will be collecting my baby girl named Robyn, who is now 1 year old."

I have to say this is a big shocker and I think the public will stand by her and see if she is any good with babies.

May 6, 2010

Baya Tweets: Working With Fever!

"Just met up with Fever_Cole. Working on a project with her for Elite Entertainment. She'll be making her comeback very soon..."

Mary & Chad Back Together!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Writemarycat and MadWorld were spotted holding hands after walking out of Fashion Group headquarters this afternoon.

Close sources say Mary and Chad are 100% back together and are acting like nothing ever happened, but they have put their engagement aside and are currently working on a project together for Fashion Group.

May 2, 2010

Alice Leaves Home Scared!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Hunnigal, who's 5 months pregnant was spotted removing her belongings from her penthouse yesterday night.

Insiders say that Alice left her penthouse, because yesterday evening she received a disturbing call from her fiance Nojarama, in which he told her that he was in fact the one who killed their baby girl Chalice back in Feburary. Our sources say that Chace was furious when he found out that Chalice wasn't his baby and so he killed her knowing that Alice would be miserable and upset.

Alice is reportedly frighten and scared for her life and is currently staying with a friend, while Chace remains MIA for the time being!!

100th POST!!!!!!
Thank you all for following and commenting!!
The blog is barely getting more interesting so make sure to keep in tune for more crazy and entertaining stories!!!

Rose-Foster Wedding Details!

By: Baya Nikolas
N1mka4eva and her fiance Star_Awards were spotted walking out of a cafe downtown with Charlotte's twin brother Kamil01 and his girlfriend Gkmktk earlier this afternoon.

The foursome kept their peeps shut when asked about the upcoming nuptials of the future Mrs. Charlotte & Vanessa Rose-Foster, but inside sources say they are planning to get married on their one-year anniversary of being together, which was sometime in June! We also hear Vanessa's sister emorox4eva is planning the big wedding!