May 15, 2010

Motherly Mary!

By: Gabby Smith
Well it seems Fashion Group owner and all around fashionista, Writemarycat's life sure seems to have taken a 180! Her publicist just announced that Mary and her boyfriend MadWorld are expecting a baby! Mary is due to give birth in February of next year!

And although Mary is pregnant, her and Chad don't feel any rush to get married anytime soon. They want to take things easy and get married after the baby is born, especially since Mary is busy running Fashion Group! Mary released a statement saying, "Me and Chad are thrilled to finally announce that we are expecting! I must say that this baby has literally saved my life and turned my outlook on life and choices around for the best."

Aw, how sweet?

Sources say due to Mary being from the Ukraine, both Mary and Chad want to give the baby a Ukrainian name in honor of Mary's heritage! At the moment they are thinking either Aleksandr for a boy or Lilia for a girl! And also Mary's long time pal and editor-in-chief of Eternity Magazine, N1mka4eva will be the godmother!

Precious! Congratulations Mary and Chad!


missricopenguin said...

Woah! Congrats :P


Siara Lott said...

Aweee, yay!!=]


Anonymous said...

i thought they were not going to get engaged yet, there were not discussing getting married?