March 22, 2011

Jenna & Stanley Get Mugged!!

Emorox4eva & her husband Decowood were gunned down and mugged while leaving a restaurant last night!!

When the couple got to their car, a undefined man grabbed Jenna and pointed a gun to her head and ordered Stanley to hand over the car keys and to lay on the ground, then he pushed Jenna to the ground and tied both of the couple's hands and feet and duck taped their mouths. The thief then took off with a clucth, wallet, jewelry and the couple's car. Two minutes later, a lady came across the couple and called for help.

According to the Stardoll police, they believe the person behind this mugging may also be the same person who mugged Style_Magazine back in November. Due to the fact that both crimes took place around the same area and that the mugger tied the hands and feet of his victims and had the same gun. But this isn't the first crime against Jenna and her family, last month her home was robbed also, and the couple think it isn't a quiescence!

A friend of the couple say, "Jenna is still in shock and both her and Stanley are paranoid that someone is after their family, so paranoid that they agreed to send their daughter Fiona to stay with close friends."


JanaStarlite said...

LMAO!! You had me going for about 2 secs... because your 'reporting' is so vivid!!

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I hope Jenna and Stanley are OK.
I can't blame them for sending Fiona elsewhere.
The Stardoll Police best get on the case or they'll have ME to deal with >:D


Laurenawan/Laurenhorse♥ said...

omg you know this isn't true, do you?

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Ofc I do ;)
Just because it aint real, don't mean I can't play along!

Laurenawan/Laurenhorse♥ said...

Im worried it was true :S