August 30, 2010

Model/Law Student does a comeback?

Noelle_Page was spotted coming back to her mansion which she had left back in March to attend Law School to start a career in politics. She kept low key down there abandoning twitter but our source down in James Crook Law School in New Star City told us Noelle had dyed her hair and changed to a completely different wardrobe! As we can see Noelle has brought back her self and her old look but is this just a flyby? or a permanent comeback into the modeling industry? Speculate in the comments!

Tyler's New Hair

Tylerisbold was spotted jogging around the park with new hair.

Tyler has gone from blonde to ginger and even chopped off his hair into a shorter style. It's a bold move, but he pulled it off.

Media Affiliates

Elite News is now a media affiliate with popular Stardoll blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted.

The blog is ran by reality t.v. star Emorox4eva. The blog give's news about what's going on around Stardoll.

August 26, 2010

Mel rejects VQ magazine!

Rumors were going around that supermodel Bluegreen86 would be on the cover of the Christmas issue of men's magazine VQ!

We all know what a classy woman Mel is and she wouldn't get her knockers out despite her controversial Eternity cover/editorial but Mel made it official yesterday in an interview with "IT'S FASHION TV" stating she 'isn't that type of girl' and she wouldn't do anything like that she said 'over my dead body would I do something like that' when the interviewer xLou26 mentioned that Mel's idol, Beyoncé had done German VQ just 4 months ago she said she had nothing else to say and left the interview. Diva fit? We'd think so!

August 22, 2010

Linda Get's Serious With Clif?

Looks like Elite-Girl's relationship with boyfriend Mr.Wannabecool seems to be going strong. The love birds were spotted taking a walk at the beach during sunset yesterday.

Insiders say, ever since Linda started dating Clif she's stopped acting like a diva and her quit her famewhoring ways. She hasn't been spotted partying. A close friend says, "Linda is taking her new relationship with Clif serious, she's finally at that point when she's ready to settle down and get married, unlike with her ex-boyfriend Ddlm11, who just wanted to party and get wild in front of cameras. Now with Clif, Linda doesn't party or puts on a show for cameras."

Looks like Linda has finally grown up!! To bad her ex is still a major douche!!

August 21, 2010

Britney's Twin Murdered!!

Photo Credit: TYLERCON
Tragedy struck this morning at Britneys07's family home, Britney's twin sister Brenda was found lying in a pool of blood in the hall. Britney came home after an afternoon of shopping to find her sister lying lifeless on the floor.

According to police, Brenda had been stabbed in the back then thrown over the stair railings and crashed to the hard marble floor below. The weapon has yet to be recovered. The parents were out of town on vacation in New Star City when the murder occurred.

The Stardoll Police Department still don't have any leads to who could of done this. Once we hear anything, will make sure to keep you posted.

August 19, 2010

Wrashton Grove Launch Party!!

Nojarama is throwing a launch party this weekend for his upcoming Elite Network show, Wrashton Grove!

It's taking place at FF.Nightclub on August 21st!!

August 18, 2010

Nicole's Long Work-out!!

The face of Stardoll Fashion Week, Coconut_Nicole was spotted leaving the gym this afternoon after a 3 hour long work-out.

Our sources say, Nicole was put on a very strict diet and work-out routine since she got the dream job. By the looks of the photo above, it sure looks like she keeping the end of her deal!!

August 15, 2010

Baya's Personal Blog!!!

I've created a new blog, Baya's Blog, a personal blog that will follow my Stardoll life. Things you don't ordinarily get to see on here. It will definitely give you guys a behind-the-scenes look.

Check out the blog my clicking HERE.

August 14, 2010

It's for a good cause!

Allure magazine owner Conii987 and Fifibannana held a little charity concert down at the Wilson Islands owned by Beverlyhillshei's father. It's been a month since Fifi's pregnancy scandal but funnily enough to get over it pretty easily, oh well. Weeks after the incident Fifi started promoting a charity concert she was holding in aid of blind children suffering of starvation, this event was full of sweaty people with their arms in the air with their sunglasses in hand...delightfull eh?But something far bigger than Vasia28's bad singing headlined the show, at the end Fifi and Conii both got up on stage and took their top off literally getting the knockers out, GET SOME OF THAT! Never knew getting your boobs out was something suitable for charity but everyone has their own opinions! Now dish out yours down below by commenting!

Gemma & Baby Nadia

Gemma_W was spotted spending time with her 4 month old baby Nadia at the beach this afternoon.

Our sources say Gemma adores and loves her adopted daughter. The adorable pair have been spotted running around town lately. Gemma's been taking Nadia on little play dates with other children from her elite pals.


August 12, 2010

Vasia Celebrates New Single Life!

Vasia28 was spotted hitting the party circuit at Tokyo last night!

Our sources say Vasia and DKCalifornia95 officially split up this past weekend. It's rumored that Vasia was jealous of Daniel's friendship with LilMrsRich and hated that he'ed been supporting her financially. Insiders say Vasia had broke up with Daniel in June, but got back together one day later. She's say's this time it's for good and she's ready to move on and start focusing on her singing career.

The trip to Tokyo was to celebrate her single life!

Char's splurge?

Just moments ago a trusted source told us N1mka4eva has reportedly spent over $16500 on her rocker friend -Cooldude for his birthday!

She was giving him a all-you-want shopping spree they were spotted at the Star Plaza having a great time onlookers said that they apparently started dancing to Vasia28 latest tune in one of the shops!

Sean's party is set to take place tonight which is going to be a star studded event! This is the party which is apparently going to put Sean on the map since he's trying to make a comeback. Will he find success or fail miserably?

August 11, 2010

House Hunting

Newlyweds Gkmktk & Kamil01 were spotted strolling around downtown yesterday afternoon.

The couple were looking at vacant buildings downtown. Our sources tell us, they are looking for a 2 story building. They want to covert the building into a upstairs home studio and have a art gallery downstairs.

August 5, 2010

Watering old roots?

According to a trusted source of ours while Tylerisbold was away on a business trip during the weekend in Europe. His ex-fiance Britney07 paid a visit to his holiday home and they were spotted having brunch in hiss open balcony!

They were having fette biscottate's and fresh brews with a side dish of old memories! She wasn't around for too long, but the question still is in the air, why was she there? friends? DOUBT IT! While Tyler was having brunch with an ex, is wife Fakeshake3 was back home (online) shopping for their baby according to her latest tweet!

August 4, 2010

344 Wrashton Grove TV Show-Auditions

A trio of horror, drama and thriller following a secondary school set in England, following the adventure filled lives of the students going to Wrashton Grove School, presented by Elite Network and written by myself.
There will be the common dramas and problems modern day teenagers face along with some unexplainable events will be sure to keep you on the edge of your screen!

4 Main Male Roles

2 Main Female Roles

1 Female Guest Role (later on may go on to be a main role)

Please do attend the open auditions which will be held on Skype during the next four days (Thursday 5th-Sunday 8th) from 4:30pm till 6:30pm BST I will be asking you questions and don’t be afraid I won’t bite! I know there are VERY few roles but throughout the series more characters will enter, plenty of guest appearances which could then turn into a main role so most likely (not a 100% gurantee) you will be called back later on throughout the series., please note that if you do not have skype it would be useful if you created one since the interviews would be very smoothly done out and give you a good chance in starring a role but if you do not have a skype and cannot create one please send my PA (LauriaJane) a message and I’ll arrange an interview! If you will be attending the open auditions please leave your stardoll username and skype username ( by clicking here) and let me know what day you will be coming. Again If you do not get chosen for the above roles I will (most likely) contact you later on in the series when a roles is needed!

Add me on my skype: NojoMojoJojo

August 2, 2010

Stardoll's Super Sweet 16!!!
Get ready, Elite Network presents a new reality show, Stardoll's Super Sweet 16, created by Psychotic-Freak.

The show will be portraying the extravagant parties and murderous tantrums of Dollywood's richest. If you want to apply, don't let age stop you. We will accept people either side of 16, as long as your attitude is right, age doesn't matter!

Season 1 auditions are going on now! We're looking for 10 people to each have their own episode. You have until Saturday 7th August to apply!!

To apply click HERE!!

Erin's Paris Romance

x.Optimistic.x was spotted vacating in Paris this past weekend.

Onlookers say, Erin wasn't alone. She was reportedly seen making out with a unidentified guy. Our insiders say, the mysterious guy was in fact her ex-boyfriend Kadison.Lee.

Ellie's Oscar Film??

Fakeshake3 was spotted at Global Doll Film headquarters yesterday.

Our sources tell us the actress is on the verge of signing a huge movie deal. No details have been given about the movie, but we hear it's has 'Oscar Awards' all over it!!