August 4, 2010

344 Wrashton Grove TV Show-Auditions

A trio of horror, drama and thriller following a secondary school set in England, following the adventure filled lives of the students going to Wrashton Grove School, presented by Elite Network and written by myself.
There will be the common dramas and problems modern day teenagers face along with some unexplainable events will be sure to keep you on the edge of your screen!

4 Main Male Roles

2 Main Female Roles

1 Female Guest Role (later on may go on to be a main role)

Please do attend the open auditions which will be held on Skype during the next four days (Thursday 5th-Sunday 8th) from 4:30pm till 6:30pm BST I will be asking you questions and don’t be afraid I won’t bite! I know there are VERY few roles but throughout the series more characters will enter, plenty of guest appearances which could then turn into a main role so most likely (not a 100% gurantee) you will be called back later on throughout the series., please note that if you do not have skype it would be useful if you created one since the interviews would be very smoothly done out and give you a good chance in starring a role but if you do not have a skype and cannot create one please send my PA (LauriaJane) a message and I’ll arrange an interview! If you will be attending the open auditions please leave your stardoll username and skype username ( by clicking here) and let me know what day you will be coming. Again If you do not get chosen for the above roles I will (most likely) contact you later on in the series when a roles is needed!

Add me on my skype: NojoMojoJojo

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