March 27, 2012

Supermodel Enters Rehab

A month ago supermodel Sevillana94, was gracing the cover of Femme Magazine but it seems as this model has been battling an eating disorder.

Bulimia is to blame for Chris' latest check in to rehabilitation center. Sources confirmed that Chris voluntarily checked herself in to this rehab center in hope to gain her health back, as well as her self confidence. Bulimia is defined as, an emotional disorder in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by depression and self-induced vomiting, purging, or fasting which is life threatening.

Though this is very unfortunate, hopefully Chris' attempt to seek help will encourage others with the same problem to do the same. We here at Elite News only hope the best for Chris, we hope you get the help needed.

If you or someone you know if dealing with Bulimia Nervosa or an other eating disorder please find a way to seek treatment or help others seek treatment.

March 25, 2012

Kim's Photoshoot Disaster

Socialite xxlovexx was spotted living it up on the beach during a photoshoot today.

Behind the scenes Kimberly was seen all snuggled up with the a few of the male models used as extras. The makeup artist continuously tried to gain her attention for the next look which held up the photoshoot.

When it came time for Kim to take photos in the water a large wave came by and off came her top. Paparazzi and their cameras went crazy as Kim rush off the set and into a tent with the crew.

A source close to the celebrity photographer Princess_Kiara1 says that Kimberly was Nika's hardest client to work with, ever!

Wedding Aniversary gone bad!

One year after being married, .SAMtheMAN. and BeverlyHillsHei decided to take a trip to paradise in a small island off of Starwaii.

The couple left their adorable adopted son Alexander at home with the nanny as they celebrate a year of happiness. Both Ashley and Sam were photographed by paparazzi smiling have an awesome time walking down the beach as the waves rushed to their feet.

Next day, Ashley was seen rushing through the hotel lobby wearing over sized sun glasses covering her eyes which were pouring out tears. She was walking so fast that she tripped as she was walking out the door and into the limo waiting for her. Paparazzi noticed that Ashley's wedding ring was missing and in it's place was a ring from Ashley's jewelry line. So they bombarded her with questions about her marriage.

A source close to the couple says "Ashley and Sam are fine now. Ashley was just upset because earlier that day she received a phone call from the nanny telling her that baby Alexander had a fever. Ashley was hoping that Sam would want to rush back home to make sure the baby was alright as she did but instead he said "Let's stay and enjoy paradise, we'll deal with it when we get home", which explains why Ashley was crying running out of the hotel in Starwaii. As for the wedding ring not being worn, maybe she confused her jewelry for her wedding ring."

That being said, is Sam a bad father or is Ashley just too dramatic?

March 9, 2012

Good News & Bad News

Yay! My computer troubles are over! I finally got a new laptop after my old one decided it was time to leave me after four years in my hands. The only thing that sucks is I lost everything, my pics, music, projects, files, EVERYTHING!

But there's more, I'm been cheating on Stardoll since late last year! I've crossed over to The Sims 3 world! Yes, I'm so sorry my lovely followers, but Stardoll is just not interesting to me anymore. I've tried to force myself to continue on, but it just isn't the same anymore. It will never be the same. What I loved about Stardoll was mostly the creativeness it let me explore, but The Sims 3 will let me do that even more and without DRAMA!

Again, I'm very sorry if I've let any of you down, but I'm sick of Stardoll, and sick of seeing everyone be so cruel to eachother. People seem to forget, Stardoll is just a game. Have fun, but don't cross the line with eachother.

I'll pop in every now and again on my Star_Awards account. Has for my blogs and everything, I will make a other post soon about what the future will hold for them. Tell then, goodbye people.