March 25, 2012

Wedding Aniversary gone bad!

One year after being married, .SAMtheMAN. and BeverlyHillsHei decided to take a trip to paradise in a small island off of Starwaii.

The couple left their adorable adopted son Alexander at home with the nanny as they celebrate a year of happiness. Both Ashley and Sam were photographed by paparazzi smiling have an awesome time walking down the beach as the waves rushed to their feet.

Next day, Ashley was seen rushing through the hotel lobby wearing over sized sun glasses covering her eyes which were pouring out tears. She was walking so fast that she tripped as she was walking out the door and into the limo waiting for her. Paparazzi noticed that Ashley's wedding ring was missing and in it's place was a ring from Ashley's jewelry line. So they bombarded her with questions about her marriage.

A source close to the couple says "Ashley and Sam are fine now. Ashley was just upset because earlier that day she received a phone call from the nanny telling her that baby Alexander had a fever. Ashley was hoping that Sam would want to rush back home to make sure the baby was alright as she did but instead he said "Let's stay and enjoy paradise, we'll deal with it when we get home", which explains why Ashley was crying running out of the hotel in Starwaii. As for the wedding ring not being worn, maybe she confused her jewelry for her wedding ring."

That being said, is Sam a bad father or is Ashley just too dramatic?

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