February 28, 2010

The Freakshow Awards Recap!

By: Baya Nikolas
Tylerisbold successfully hosted the 1st annual Freakshow Awards this Sunday in the city of sin, Las Vegas!

John2_el_mejor made his first public appearance back in the limelight last night, back from his short stint in sex rehab. He was up for one award, but lost. People say he seemed very nervous and distant and was spotted leaving early from the event.

Writemarycat had a great night with 2 awards up her sleeve! She was spotted being very unusually low key, she even left the after-party early.

Star_Awards cheered on girlfriend N1mka4eva has she won the Fantasy Fringed award. Onlookers say the couple looked happy and very much in love.

Hunnigal & Nojarama made a very short and abrupt appearance at the end of the ceremony. Both looked very tensed and distressed to be there. The couple have been going through some legal issues surrounding the death of their baby girl Chalice. Alice was recently released from detainment just a couple of days ago.

Overall, it was a magical night and the Elites did their thing!
Check out the full list of winners HERE!

February 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink!

By: Baya Nikolas
N1mka4eva was spotted leaving Eternity headquarters all dolled up. A source with the magazine said Charlotte was doing a photoshoot for a Barbie article of the magazine.

Eternity latest issue can be seen HERE!

February 24, 2010

Kasia off to the Loony Bin?

By: Baya Nikolas
An ambulance was called to UndamyUmbrella's townhouse last night. Onlookers say Kasia was seen strapped down onto a stretcher and was yelling crazy phrases like "their out to get me", "their all obsessed with me", "your all pathetic losers", "my cats are the only ones who understand me!"

Ever since the former model loss her contract with Covergirl for her drug use, Kasia has been seen losing her mind with crazy antics in the city.

It's being reported that after last night, Kasia was sent to a rehab facility for the mentally ill to get things back into prospective and to stop her drug use.

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Ashely moves in with Sam!

By: Baya Nikolas
After splitting with hubby DKCalifornia95 just 2 weeks ago, a very pregnant Beverlyhillshei was spotted moving in with her real baby daddy millionaire .SAMtheMAN.'s mansion yesterday afternoon.

Ashely, who had been cheating on Daniel with Sam throughout her 1 year marriage, announced that she and Sam are "very happy together" and look forward to "moving on and finally starting their family together." The heiress also went on to say that Daniel "was a disgusting gold digging pig who lured [her] into marrying him."

Ashely and Sam plan to get married once her divorced with Daniel in finalized. Daniel is estimated to get a quarter of Ashely's millions and the mansion they lived in together in the divorced settlement!

February 23, 2010

Mary with a Vengeance?

By: Baya Nikolas
Writemarycat has been on a small getaway at Fiji since this weekend. She tweeted this picture of herself on set for a naked photo-shoot spread for Playboy today.

Onlookers have reported seeing Mary hugging and kissing a new man, but our sources say this might be a set up, just to get her recent ex-fiance MadWorld jealous!

This is the 5th time they've broken up and some are wondering if Mary will do something stupid again. "Every time they breakup Mary get's into trouble and acts careless. When they broke up last year she got a DUI. She's loss without him. I'm afraid this time around Chad won't take her back at all" said a close friend of Mary.

February 22, 2010

Back Together?

By: Baya Nikolas

& Model-Selena were spotted having brunch downtown today. It's the first time both have been seen together since they called off their engagement one year ago and went their separate ways.

But now that Selena has moved back to Stardoll, it seems like they might be trying to rekindle their romance.

February 21, 2010

Free at Last!

By: Baya Nikolas
has just recently been released from the Stardoll County Prison after serving a 3 month sentence for serving alcohol to underage minors at her nightclub The Chambre.

She is now under probation for the rest of the year.

February 20, 2010

Tyler's New Endeavor

By: Slaggot
Stardoll's most notorious entrepreneur is at it again. Sources are saying that Tylerisbold has branched out into the wonderful world of Broadway.

"Tyler has always had an eye for what works. He saw that this opportunity would be too good to let go to waste." a source reveals.

Although news about this play has just leaked out, it is already in the final stages of pre-production. In fact, a select few, including Writemarycat, have already seen the a few of the final rehearsals, however, due to signed contracts, they can’t divulge any of the dirty details.

The play itself is about the true life blogging sensation PerezStarGossip and apparently it is ridden with scandal and focuses on her lesser known life story.

The source reveals, "Despite being known as one of Stardoll's good girls, Queen Pez has a crazy and promiscuous past. She is definitely not who people think she is and this show will show people that."

Another source adds, "Some parts are so shocking that people will think that it was made up, but I assure you, it is 100% true."

It is rumored that this is revenge on Tyler's part for all the years that Perez humiliated him on his blog.

"At one point he said enough was enough, he wanted her to know how he felt so he spied on her and hired several detectives to look into her past. Because he is an entrepreneur he wanted to exploit her in a way that made fiscal sense, a Broadway play is the perfect way, to him, to do this."

Perez didn't have any comments when asked about her feelings on this ordeal.

"There is nothing that she can do. Everything is true and she can't sue for slander."

Tickets are on sale starting late next week and opening night is a little under two weeks away. Elite News will be there reviewing the opening night and, as always, giving you the full scoop.

Kristen's Desparate Attempt to Stardom

By: Baya Nikolas
There's been plenty of speculation of lottery winner Devie44, who's known for her connections with the elite.

Close "friends" of Kristen have come forward recently stating that Kristen has been paying bribes and blackmailing elites to take her to the top of stardom. "She pays elites large sums of money or blackmails them so she can become famous" said one of her well known friends. Another elite friend said, "Kristen will do anything to be an elite, she'll even stab you in the back to get to the top."

It's also been discovered that Kristen was once a boy named Chris. That after winning the lottery 8 years ago, the first thing Chris did was go through a complete gender-change. Kristen then cut off all connections to her old friends and family and then moved to Stardoll to become famous.

February 19, 2010

Boob Job or Push Up?

By: Danpuffs

Elite News was left shocked today to see Eternity editor in cheif Writemarycat out shopping with her mysterious male companion, not because we were unaware of her new man - but because Mary seems to have undergone a 'transformation'!

As our exclusive shot shows, Mary pictured yesterday looks drastically different to the pictures taken of her in 2008 attending the Premier of PerezStarGossip: The Musical.

Elite News contacted Mary's publicist and they had this to say;

'Ms. Walkerson has not had any cosmetic surgery, her visibly larger breasts are from a push up bra which is yet to be released onto the market, her short stay in hospital earlier this month was from a fall she took whilst saving a kitten from drowning, anyone who says different is a dirty liar and will be shot'.

What do our readers think?

February 16, 2010

New Discoveries

By: Slaggot
The Fare-Valentine investigation is still ongoing however new discoveries have been made. The most prominent would be the arrest of Hunnigall.

Earlier Alice was deemed MIA. However the police have issued a statement regarding her current whereabouts, "Alice Fare was found earlier in the evening hiding out in her club, Spice Nights. Upon being found she came out of her hiding place, which was in the washroom, holding up what appeared to be a baby claiming that it was an alive Chalice. Sadly upon further inspection it was found that this was not the case and Alice was in fact holding a llama suit, a reject costume for her upcoming issue of Fierce. Currently Alice has been placed into custody and is receiving the psychiatric care that she needs.”

The body of Chalice Valentine has yet to be found however sources are saying that Alice's fiancée, Chace, is fully cooperating with the police and is no longer considered a suspect.

February 15, 2010

Deceit, Lies and Tragedy

By: Slaggot
News has leaked out from the Fare-Valentine household that a member of their family, Chalice Valentine, has sadly passed away. Chalice was less than a year-old. The cause of death is currently unknown however there are several rumors regarding her untimely death floating around. Perhaps the most prominent rumor is, despite their engangement, Hunnigall has been involved with several men over the past few months and Nojarama is not the father of Chalice.

Alice was not able to be reached for a comment however a source close to Alice divulged her secrets, "Not only has Alice been unfaithful to Chace but she doesn't care who knows about her private affairs. Just recently we were at a party together and she was bragging about cheating on Chace with a prominent member of Stardoll, whose occupation is a banker." "The impression I got was that she just doesn't care about who knows about what she is doing, in tact, she thrives on having gossip surround her. I wouldn't be surprised if we have another Tiger (Woods) on our hands." Another source comments.

As of right now it appears that Chace is responsible for the death of Chalice. Rumors are flying around that Chace learned of Alice's indiscretions and went ballastic. The final straw for him was when he heard that Chalice was not his daughter. He his currently being detained for questioning regarding the murder of Chalice. The whereabouts of Alice are currently unknown however she is also wanted for questioning. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, or any other information regarding the case, they are strongly encouraged to call the tips line at 111-654-6381.

The identity of Chalice's true father is unknown however the investigation is ongoing. Elite News will be reporting every step of the investigation and any new developments that are being made.

Chad dumps Mary on Valentines Day!

By: Baya Nikolas
MadWorld called off his engagement with his scandalous fiance Writemarycat on Valentines Day!

Rumors say the breakup is over Mary's partying ways and flirtatious actions towards her close gal pals. This isn't the first time Chad breakups up with Mary, but close sources say this is 100% over for good!!

February 4, 2010

Ashely spilts with hubby!

By: Baya Nikolas BeverlyHillsHei and DKCalifornia95 are calling their 1 year marriage quits! Sources say that the breakup is very messy and on very bad terms. It's all over Ashely's pregnancy, whos 4 months along so far.

Close friends of the pair say that Ashely's ex, .SAMtheMAN. is the real baby-daddy and that Ashely has been cheating on her hubby Daniel multiple times throughout the marriage with Sam!