February 15, 2010

Deceit, Lies and Tragedy

By: Slaggot
News has leaked out from the Fare-Valentine household that a member of their family, Chalice Valentine, has sadly passed away. Chalice was less than a year-old. The cause of death is currently unknown however there are several rumors regarding her untimely death floating around. Perhaps the most prominent rumor is, despite their engangement, Hunnigall has been involved with several men over the past few months and Nojarama is not the father of Chalice.

Alice was not able to be reached for a comment however a source close to Alice divulged her secrets, "Not only has Alice been unfaithful to Chace but she doesn't care who knows about her private affairs. Just recently we were at a party together and she was bragging about cheating on Chace with a prominent member of Stardoll, whose occupation is a banker." "The impression I got was that she just doesn't care about who knows about what she is doing, in tact, she thrives on having gossip surround her. I wouldn't be surprised if we have another Tiger (Woods) on our hands." Another source comments.

As of right now it appears that Chace is responsible for the death of Chalice. Rumors are flying around that Chace learned of Alice's indiscretions and went ballastic. The final straw for him was when he heard that Chalice was not his daughter. He his currently being detained for questioning regarding the murder of Chalice. The whereabouts of Alice are currently unknown however she is also wanted for questioning. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, or any other information regarding the case, they are strongly encouraged to call the tips line at 111-654-6381.

The identity of Chalice's true father is unknown however the investigation is ongoing. Elite News will be reporting every step of the investigation and any new developments that are being made.


Alice in Wonderland said...

*emerges from the ladies room in Spice.Nites*
Chalice is alive! I found her in the U-Bend! *draws wet baby from toilet with a heroic expression on face*

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