March 16, 2010

Filipa Talks Babies!!

By: Baya Nikolas
filipinhamaria dished about her twins, Sera & Amos, to People Magazine in the issue this Friday.

Ever since the famous movie star gave birth to her babies in November, everyone has been dying to get the first photos of the twins and People Magazine got the full exclusive!

Some highlights of the interview were:
People: How has parenting been?
Filipa: It's been hard, thank god for nannys! Don't get me wrong, I love my babies but sometimes it can get over-whelming.

People: Your husband, llcooljason has been busy shooting a movie in Vancouver, how does he jungle being a father and all?
Filipa: He's been doing amazing! When he's here, he tries to spend all his time with the twins.

People: Do you plan to go back into acting anytime soon?
Filipa: Of course! I'll probably go back into acting once the twins turn one, but right now I have my hands full.




xoxo Gia

filipinhamaria said...

Ur bitch get a life, i dont care wht u say.

Elite News said...

Obviously you do care, if you didn't you wouldn't have waste your time commenting dear.

filipinhamaria said...

I want u know wht i think bout u.Thts why i wrote wht i wrote n with my name bc im not like other persons tht r coward n say things but nobody see theirs names.

Elite News said...

You can say wantever you want about me dear, words can hurt me. You can go on and on and waste your time commenting, but it won't change a thing. I'll continue posting wantever I want.

Unlike you, most people see the humor this blog has. Get over it and stop reading my blog if you don't approve of want I write. There just made up stories that entertain my readers.

filipinhamaria said...
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Elite News said...

Oh dear, your lack of grammar makes me laugh. Barely understood that last comment of yours.

Just give it up hun. Your wasting your time talking to me. I could care less about your opinion on my blog, it won't change a thing.

I didn't create this blog to become "famous" I did this blog to entertain those who find the elite to be humorous. I've already been through that road of elite stardom myself on my other account and I was far more popular than you would ever be so don't flatter yourself hun.When people wrote about me, I laughed it off, because I knew how ridiculous it was, I never took it serious. Neither should you, so just give it up.

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Filipa, I can see where you're coming from, but most people know these aint true, and that they are just to read for fun. Don't take it seriously hun, otherwise it'll annoy you even more, and people will take the mick out of you even more.

Magdaleena said...

Come on Filipa, this is just a blog and the stories are all made up. No one really takes these stories seriously... And if you look carefully that post actually says nothing bad about you :)