March 16, 2010

Vasia & Daniel Dating!

By: Baya Nikolas
Vasia28 and DKCalifornia95 were spotted holding hands and walking out of the downtown hospital this morning.

Inside sources say "they have always been together, even when Daniel was still married to his now ex-wife Beverlyhillshei!! They're making it public now because of Vasia's car wreck a week ago, Daniel realized how much he loved her and couldn't stay away from the hospital she was at. He needed to see her and be with her has she recovered."


...Electra.... said...

This is sweet. xD

Anonymous said...

Daniel has a mistress.
Who could it be?...
Check out the link to see the "Text" he sent some girl.

Muffy said...

Sweet but.. Could this be an attenion stunt?