March 28, 2010

Charlotte & Vanessa's Engagement Party!

By: Baya Nikolas
N1mka4eva and her fiance Star_Awards threw a huge avant-garde engagement party last night!

Of course Writemarycat was present at the event, getting pretty drunk as always, but surprisingly Charlotte's twin brother Kamil01 was in attendance, I guess Charlotte forgave him for stealing money from her!

As the night went on, Vanessa announced that once Charlotte and her get married that they plan to adopt a baby girl. She also went on to say she and Kamil will be putting their MADD fashion line on hold for about a year.

Haitianrichboy9 made a short appearance by the end of the night. Dimitri had been helping out in Haiti for months now and arrived back in Stardoll Friday night. Everyone at the party made a donation to his HELP HAITI fund.


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