March 30, 2010

Daniel Helping Sophia?

By: Baya Nikolas
Inside sources say LilMrsRich's current 1 bedroom apartment is actually being paid by her former brother-n-law DKCalifornia95. The apartment was actually Daniels, but once he heard about Sophia's eviction, he let her move into it. As for Daniel, well he's been staying with girlfriend Vasia28.

BeverlyHillsHei is reportedly furious that her ex-husband is enabling her drug-addicted twin sister! Like their rich father, Ashely has also cut her sister off and hasn't talked to her since last year!

And to make things even more crazy, Daniel and Sophia actually dated a while back, but once Daniel met her twin sister Ashely, he dumped her!! Sophia was reportally so upset that that's when she began her drug habit!!! Sources say guilt is the reason why Daniel is letting Sophia stay at his apartment.

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Hahaha now what?!?!?! love thisss