December 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday EN!!

It's Elite News 2nd year anniversary today!!! It's a amazing milestone and I have you all to thank! Once again, I appreciate you all who have followed this blog since day one and those who have discovered it since then. I must admit, there were times when I thought the blog would come to an end due to my busy life, but I couldn't do that to all my loyal readers. As long has the blog as followers I'll do my best to entertain you all with my stories.

**As a gift to my awesome readers, I would love to give the spotlight to some "unknown" followers and feature them in the blog. So, if you've never been featured in the blog, then just leave your Stardoll username, full name, and your gender in the comments below and suggest some type of fame worthy title of your dreams, such as model, musician, actress, heiress, mistress, stylist, royalty, etc. I'll try to feature as many as I can.


Nextpingugirl said...

Happy Birthday!
My name is Phoebe Roberts. I am 31 years old. I was norn and raised in New York, where I live. I am a comedian and comedy actress. I have 5 animals (2 cats and 3 dogs) and I don't cause drama.
Happy Birthday again!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Elite News! Over the last 6 months ( when I found this blog) you have brought me so much entertainment. Some of the stories are so touching that they bring me to tears!

Anyway, I'm Ms.Sara Kingston. I live in a small apartment where I focus on my writing. Writing is my talent and I dream of becoming a famous author. Maybe someday one of these publishing companies will finally READ one of my manuscripts!
My dog, Teddy lives wth me. He's a Boston Terrier and well, very adorable.
As you can see I do live a quiet life. Maybe one day, just one little day. I will get the life changing call.

Helal said...

Happy birthday EN :D

My name is Jacob , I am 12 years old but am very mature for my age , I am a boy. I was born in Australia and raised in Australia. I am a dancer and singer , Mostly dancer. I have no animals.

Chace Clark/Chace.Clark said...

Happy Birthday :)

My Name is Chace Clark! I'd like to be a bachelor boy, whose parents are rich and they give him everything they want, for instance they finance my magazine. I'm a drama causing person, because I'm at every party, may be addicted to drugs and alcohol (the media doesn't know it for sure) and I break the girls' (and maybe the boys' xD haha) hearts.

PS: please don't show this comment public. Could you delete it after you've seen it? Thanks :)

Megan / Momijigal911 said...

SD Username: momijigal911
Name: Megan Fiorelle
Gender: Female

I am a model on Stardoll but I also write for blogs like BFM, Icon and Editorialized.

Happy Birthday EN!

Mini said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm Briar Patterson and am somehow distantly related to Banjo Patterson. I'm a model with an addiction to many illegal substances and I enjoy blogging for

Mini said...

My username is minimerlotwilit.

Kimberly. said...

I'm Kimberly.
I was really poor growing up but then I became an international model, fashion designer, photographer and stylist. Goes to parties but is a good girl. ;) Donates lots of money to charity and is at tonnes of fundraisers. Lives in Milan/New York. :P

amy said...

omg happy birthday does that mean i have been a follower since 2 years because i remember i followed you near the second or third post so my stardoll username is amy_lee1992 and my real name is Amy lee i live in new york Nashville i used to be a model but didn't complete because no one liked my dark style or my crazy attitude(diva)then i became a songwriter and singer then i started designing my clothes i have lots of problems with my parents because they don't like my diva attitude and my really dark style :) hope you like this and hope i get picked :)

Ashley_Doggett said...

Happy Birthday, dearest Elite News.

(this seems fun)

My medoll's name is Ashley_Doggett, up and coming media personality, socialite, and underground artist whom has been climbing the elite social ladder since late 2010. I see my medoll as an openly gay, outspoken individual whom might turn to drugs and alcohol alot. She's dogmatic, fashionable, and seeking to break hearts XD.

Have fun with this and be creative.

TatianaCosta said...

Happy Birthday * I'm late :P*
I'm Tatiana Costa, a simple girl who lives in a small town in Portugal. I have no many friends, but I'm a good person.
I love sing, dance and that kind of stuffs, but when I *grow up* I wanna be a model, or journalist. At my school there is a journalism club that I'm in, and we have a lot of fun in there. I'm so glad to be accepted there. They said to me that I post *on schools paper* was amazing, so I was accepted on the club. If I was model, I will always help people who need more help then some others... You know, they can be ugly mans, pregnent teenagers, but I know they have a good heart, and that's why I wanted to help them. I will live in a normal house, or in a big one, whatever, I know that with so much work as a model I'll be not there for to long, so whatever if it is a big house or not -.- I'll help my parents in all they need, and in what I can do for them, because they was helping me since I was born at when I leave them house. So, it's been a lot of years , so why can I not be them friend too right now ? THEY ARE MY PARENTS, right? I'll be friend of all people, what Can I say ? I'll be a normal model, and over all, I'LL BE A GOOD PERSON ! (:

my name at stardoll is : PiquenaTii

Anonymous said...

I'm JosephinaA in Stardoll and my name is Agnes Chimère. I'd love to be a fashion editor. I own a magazine (which was a total disaster in the SFW) and I love writing too.
Merry Christmas <3

Sara said...

I forgot to mention: My stardoll username is SaraP1900

Alyssa's Featured Life said...

Alyssa, 13. :] I could be a new makeup designer with a brand new line of lipsticks and glosses or something? Or an interior designer type of idea? :]

angel28790 said...

Happy Birthday elite news !

Julie Carol said...

Stardoll nickname: Doggy_Starpuppy

My name is Julie Carol, owner of Gazelle Entertainment, famous book writer and I live in an expensive mansion with my 2 dogs Riddick and Vaako. I often smoke and have health problems and also, often refuse to talk to the reporters and so on. In the past have been the owner of a big Fashion Magazine which was closed lately.

Hope you make up a great story upon this lol :3 Anyways ... A little bit late but anyways, Happy Birthday Elite News!