April 9, 2010

Mary's Suicide Attempt!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Photo Credit: TYLERCON
Writemarycat was on Ustream with her fans last night and while live on webcam she attempted suicide in front of all her viewers!!

Sources close to the star say while on a press tour, Mary had gotten severely depressed and began drinking every night when she found out that her ex-fiance MadWorld had began dating Kahlen08Heiress after just weeks from her public break-up with Chad on Valentines Day. Mary and Chad had been dating on and off for the past 2 years and this time Chad made it clear it would be over for good. Things got even worse when Mary returned to the mansion she used to share with Chad, which had been decorated with photos of Chad and her while they were together.

So, the first think she did was pull out a bottle of Vodka began drinking and then she turned on her Mac and began a live webcam chat with her fans to keep her comfort. She then went to her bedroom and put on the wedding dress she had planned to wear, which was designed by a close friend Manolo.DiCicco. Mary then took off her engagement ring and sat it on a stool and then she stood up on the stool and tied a rope around her neck and a beam on her ceiling. Luckly the rope failed to hold and Mary collasped to the floor, her live viewers contacted an amubulance for help. Mary had minor injuries and has since been sent to a rehab treatment facility for further help.

Suicide is never the answer.


Fifi-Jayne said...

This blog keeps getting better and better.
Noo Mary. D:

*future*celeb*/Ally said...

Wow, this blog is going a little far. Suicide is nothing to joke about.

Applead said...

Agree with


I agree suicide isnt anything to joke about but isnt the picture deliciously evil? Lol I love it. I'll keep Mary in my prayers!

Cheer up Mary xoxox

Fifi-Jayne said...

They're not going too far. TV shows and programmes have storylines about suicide, and there's nothing wrong with that.

By: Baya Nikolas said...

I understand how some of you may feel like suicide may be crossing the line, but I wasn't glamorizing or making fun of suicide, I was simply writing about what Mary could or would of done in a real life aspect. When TYLERCON came to me with the suicide idea, I thought it was genius, because it would give out real suicide awareness. Suicide is never the answer and I believe this post got you guys talking and thinking, which was the point.


Exactly. Its not like the writer said that she did, she said she has attempted. Many stardoll users have too but like she says Suicide is never the answer.

Anonymous said...

I heard Kahlen08Heiress threatened to ruin Mary's life - so Mary tried to commit suicide

iswim19 said...

Mary is in my prayers. Hehe.

Demeulemeester said...


Mary said...

Ahah, that made me laugh!
Like, the best SD blog ever, keep it up.

p.s. you've cheered me up, I am no longer depressed! :D

Nojarama said...

Kahlen08Heiress is a dude..