April 24, 2010

Ashley Suffers Miscarriage

By: Gabby Smith
Sad news to report, heiress BeverlyHillsHei has suffered a miscarriage!
Her publicist released a statement saying, "Sadly, Ashley has indeed suffered a miscarriage. The father of the child, .SAMtheMAN. is at Ashley's side as I speak. Thank you to all her fans for the prayers, thoughts, and support."

Wow. So sad. Sadly miscarriage is not an uncommon thing and we hope Ashley and Sam are okay. The Elite News team sends Ashley and Sam our condolences.


Fifi-Jayne said...


Leah (Destiny_star98) said...

Aww! I know it's not real, but you guys sure are good at writing gossip! Do you think I could be a writer, or a guest blogger? My username on stardoll is Destiny_star98

Aly // MizzAly said...

Nawwhh how sad :( lol

Louise said...


Thats so sad.

Poor them :[