April 7, 2010

Dan Missing?

By: Baya Nikolas
Danpuffs has been missing for the past week! The last time anyone saw him in public was when he was spotted having lunch with hubby Manolo.DiCicco and his sister-n-law Nicole-0 on March 23rd!

His sister-n-law Nicole barely filed a missing persons police report on Dan today, because his hubby Manolo was to busy prepping for his upcoming Spring collection runway debut!

What happened to Dan? Well, a close source say that Manolo had been cheating on Dan with one of his interns at his design studio and once Dan found out last week he was so upset he just walked out the door and left!!

Dan and Manolo got married just a month ago! What a mess!!


Guavatastic said...

Awwhh, I noticed that to yesterday :[

*future*celeb*/Ally said...

Um, I broke this story a week ago.


Poor Dans account got closed.=[

and @future*celeb/Ally no one cares if you "broke" this story a week ago because no one reads your blog. =]