April 13, 2010

Chad & Perez Speak About Mary!!

MadWorld has given a statement regarding his ex-fiance, Writemarycat's suicide attempt a couple days ago.

"Mary and I had an unstable and unhealthy relationship. When I broke up with her I took her out of my life completely, because if I didn't I would of ended up back in the same messy relationship again. I'm sorry that she felt suicide was the answer to numb her pain over the breakup but it wasn't my fault. Ever since news broke out about her failed suicide attempt, I've been receiving nothing but negative media attention and hate mail from her fans. Mary is a grown women, she made that choice not me! I hope she gets well and moves on from me." -Chad

His older sister PerezStarGossip also spoke out in a controversial statement:
"I loved Mary like a sister, but Mary loves attention, she knew what she was doing when she decide to "take her life." Just one of her many schemes to win back my brother. She didn't love Chad she loved the attention he gave her. I hope for my brother's sake and her own that she receives the best help she can get and can finally leave my Chad alone." -Perez


Nojarama said...

Leave 'my' Chad?

iswim19 said...

OMFG!! Haha this blog cracks me up.

Emmie said...

Someone might have a little crush on their borther?! :O Like ZOMG! ;D

coolsista said...

Lol i loved this post