April 2, 2010

John's Love Triangle!

By: Gabby Smith
There are many whispers at the Influence Magazine office that John2_el_mejor is having relations with one of his assistants.

It started out with her just comforting him due to his upcoming trial and sex addiction, but it eventually took a different direction with the two constantly having an "afternoon delight" during lunch. But in a shocking twist, John is also having relations with another employee of his by the name of Wylie1995, who is one of the magazines main writers for Influence!
Insiders say it is very obvious and is very tense and awkward during meetings between the two girls and John. Both girls are secretly fighting for John's attention and affection to become John's main lady and John is just loving it! As for other workers opinions, everyone seems to agree this is just building up John's ego and is hurting him overcome sex addiction and is very unprofessional and is hurting the mags reputation.

Seems like no one is the winner here to me!


Fifi-Jayne said...

I love this one. :')

Nojarama said...

Lol Me and Manolo are the only employees at Influence aside from John. XD

john2_el_mejor said...

I´m not gay