April 28, 2012

Linda expecting?

Elite-girl's rep has confirmed that late last year Linda suffered an unfortunate miscarriage.
A sources close to Linda says she then went into a deep depression and really felt it was all her fault. She is said to be much better now after seeking help from her therapist.

In US-weekly hitting news stands near you in the next few days Linda speaks out about her journey with the lost of her unborn child, and her pass with nonstop partying with her ex-boyfriend Ddlm11. Also in the magazine she mentions how her and her husband, Mr.Wannabecool, aren't giving up their hopes of being parents. Instead they're going to wait until the right time because now Linda is hosting/executive producing her new competition reality show Stardoll's Fashion Star, and Mr.Wannabecool is busy filming his popular television show Vampire Notebooks.

We hope the best for you two, good luck with your baby making!

Sasha.Star & Alany456 new film!

Actress Sasha.Star and actor Alany456 have been filming their new movie Love with Kids, a romantic comedy, for the pass 2 months. The movie is predicted to be a box office hit! Another hit is the chemistry between this the two. They've been seen every where together. Not only for promoting the movie, but they've also been seen at dinner with a few friends, walking their dogs together, getting tattoos together. Now many are wondering if they're hooking up. If so I smell a divorce in the air for Alany456 and his gorgeous Victoria Secret model wife.

In a magazine interview Sasha.Star was asked about her relationship with Alany456, she state, "Over the pass few months Alan and I have really grown closer, but he is just like a brother to me. You know, the brother that kiss non stop in your upcoming movie Love with Kids..." So basically they're only friends, but that's not what an insider says. A close friend of Sasha.Star told Elite News, "All Sasha has been talking about for the pass 2 months or so is Alan. She really likes him and I think she want their friendship to be taken to the next level."

Alany456, has been happily married for 2 years now, and I'm sure his wife wouldn't want to hear about this news. We'll keep you updated on the story!

April 22, 2012

Unfortunant News!

I know, it has been a while. I've spent the pass few weeks with my dear love Baya in the SD hospital while she recovered from fatal accident cause by a drunk drive. Her leg is broken and isn't expected to fully recover for 2 weeks now. She is mentally back on track, but still in a lot of pain. Now that she is able to fend for herself, I'll be able to return to the EN office and continue you post gossip about our Dollywood elite.

Please keep Baya in your prayers.