April 28, 2012

Linda expecting?

Elite-girl's rep has confirmed that late last year Linda suffered an unfortunate miscarriage.
A sources close to Linda says she then went into a deep depression and really felt it was all her fault. She is said to be much better now after seeking help from her therapist.

In US-weekly hitting news stands near you in the next few days Linda speaks out about her journey with the lost of her unborn child, and her pass with nonstop partying with her ex-boyfriend Ddlm11. Also in the magazine she mentions how her and her husband, Mr.Wannabecool, aren't giving up their hopes of being parents. Instead they're going to wait until the right time because now Linda is hosting/executive producing her new competition reality show Stardoll's Fashion Star, and Mr.Wannabecool is busy filming his popular television show Vampire Notebooks.

We hope the best for you two, good luck with your baby making!

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