May 25, 2012

Too old to model?

This week's Life&Style Magazine featured an interview with supermodel Bluegreen86. There have been a lot of reports after a physical altercation with her publicist last her year, Melanie was going to give up modeling for ever. Contrary to all the reports, Mel continued modeling but there has been a recent rumour that Mel has made clear in this weeks Life&Style.

Rumour has it that Elite Model Management let Mel go because she was too old and they were looking for new faces. In her interview with Life&Style Mel was asked, "Gossip blogs and tabloids have been reporting that you were let go from Elite Model Management because you were too old, what do you have to say to about all this?" Mel replied, "It was time for me to go. If you ask me I had a pretty successful modeling career and now I want to be a mogul. As a matter of fact I have a talk show win the works. It's going to be like The Doctor(American Television show), except with Model"

Beauty is forever(if you use moisturizer), but modeling is temporary. You're not always going to be a fresh face.

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