March 30, 2010

Match Made In Heaven?

By: Baya Nikolas
Kamil01 & Gkmktk confirmed dating rumors!!

Kamil speaks:
"Elena and I have been dating since New Years, but our first official public appearance together was at my sister's (N1mka4eva) engagement party this past weekend, we kept it really low key, but now were ready to make it public. I want the whole world to know how crazy I'm about her!! Were in love!"

Elena had this to say:
"Kamil's my drug I can't live without, he completes me. Were soul-mates!"

They both met at a Alexander McQueen fashion show last year and have been together ever since! They sure seem to be in love with each other.

Daniel Helping Sophia?

By: Baya Nikolas
Inside sources say LilMrsRich's current 1 bedroom apartment is actually being paid by her former brother-n-law DKCalifornia95. The apartment was actually Daniels, but once he heard about Sophia's eviction, he let her move into it. As for Daniel, well he's been staying with girlfriend Vasia28.

BeverlyHillsHei is reportedly furious that her ex-husband is enabling her drug-addicted twin sister! Like their rich father, Ashely has also cut her sister off and hasn't talked to her since last year!

And to make things even more crazy, Daniel and Sophia actually dated a while back, but once Daniel met her twin sister Ashely, he dumped her!! Sophia was reportally so upset that that's when she began her drug habit!!! Sources say guilt is the reason why Daniel is letting Sophia stay at his apartment.

March 28, 2010

Alice Get's Fierce!

By: Baya Nikolas
Hunnigall released the March issue of Fierce Magazine today!

The magazine lives up to it's name, it's fierce! Get your own issue here!

Alice held a small party with close friends at her and her fiance, Nojarama, condo. I was invited to the party in which I got the full scoop from Alice herself regarding her current pregnancy with baby #2 and the mysterious death of her 1st child Chalice. She told us she doesn't want to know the sex of the baby, but did went on to say that if it was a boy she would name him Milo or Seraphina for a girl. Alice had no comment regarding the death of Chalice, other than she and Chace had nothing to do with Chalice's death and that they were loving parents to her.

Homeless Heiress!

By: Gabby Smith

D-list heiress LilMrsRich was spotted yesterday being unwillingly evicted from her mansion that her father bought for her last year. Along with being evicted from her home, a repo man was also there to repossess her SUV!

Close friends say Sophia went broke last year after her father cut her off due to her widely known and reported addiction to cocaine and the painkiller OxyContin.

After two failed attempts at rehab that didn't last more than one week, Sophia is still no where near close to getting even a penny from her father's fortune, in fact the only thing he is willing to pay for is place to store all her clothes and furniture from her home.

As of this moment she is renting a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment, and is trying to get some small modeling jobs and TV commercials to pay the rent and her drug habit.

Very sad.

Charlotte & Vanessa's Engagement Party!

By: Baya Nikolas
N1mka4eva and her fiance Star_Awards threw a huge avant-garde engagement party last night!

Of course Writemarycat was present at the event, getting pretty drunk as always, but surprisingly Charlotte's twin brother Kamil01 was in attendance, I guess Charlotte forgave him for stealing money from her!

As the night went on, Vanessa announced that once Charlotte and her get married that they plan to adopt a baby girl. She also went on to say she and Kamil will be putting their MADD fashion line on hold for about a year.

Haitianrichboy9 made a short appearance by the end of the night. Dimitri had been helping out in Haiti for months now and arrived back in Stardoll Friday night. Everyone at the party made a donation to his HELP HAITI fund.

Ellie Shows Off Bling!

By: Baya Nikolas
Newlywed Fakeshake3 was spotted shoe shopping today, without her husband Tylerisbold in sight.

Ellie showed off her wedding ring for the first time since getting hitched a week ago, rumors have it that the diamond ring is worth around $5,000!

Lucky girl! If only the rest of us could live the fab life too!!

March 27, 2010

Fashion Talk For Lunch?

By: Baya Nikolas
Fashion designer Manolo.DiCicco was spotted having lunch downtown with his hubby DanPuffs & sister Nicole-0 this afternoon.

The threesome were all talking about Manolo's latest collection, which will be coming to the runway very soon!

Noelle Stops Modeling

By: Baya NikolasVictoria Secret supermodel Noelle_Page held a press confrence Friday morning announcing that she will be leaving her modeling career behind to attend law school to start a career in politics.

Noelle also denied reports that her leaving had nothing to do with Victoria Secret firing her best friend, Isabella.Arci last year.

March 22, 2010

Gemma_W To Adopt!

By: Gabby Smith
Actress and humanitarian Gemma_W recently told reporters she has babies of her own she would like to adopt a baby first.
Well it looks like Gemma is finally in the process of adopting a new born baby girl from Romania by the name of Nadia!

The baby girl was just born last week, but sadly her mother died while giving birth, thus Gemma decided this would be the great time to adopt and take care of it.

So cute!

March 21, 2010

Kristen Caught Red Handed!!!

By: Baya Nikolas

Elite News has obtained a photo that was snapped showing Devie44 retrieving items from a storage unit in which she claimed to have been stolen from her house the other day to receive money in which she needs as she is going bankrupt.

We have summited this photo to the Stardoll Police and they told us they will be undergoing a investigation soon and will probably charge Kristen for committing fraud and perjury.

March 20, 2010

Chad's New Lady!!

By: Baya Nikolas
It's seems MadWorld has moved on from his ex-fiance Writemarycat, because this Friday he was spotted in Paris with Lady Kahlen08Heiress of Stardollia!

Chad and Lady Kahlen were seen kissing and holding eachother's hands all over Paris. Insider's say they met eachother on March 1st at a fashion show in New York and have been together ever since!

Gossiping Sisters!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Vasia28 and her older sisters, Emorox4eva & Star_Awards were spotted leaving a cafe shop downtown this afternoon. It's been a while since we've seen these famous sister's together in public!

Onlookers say they were catching up on each others life, they spoke about Jenna's 2 year marriage to Decowood, and Vanessa's recent engagement to N1mka4eva, and Vasia's car accident and relationship with DKCalifornia95. They were all gossiping and enjoying their time together.

Afterwords they hugged and kissed each other goodbye and got into their cars and left.

Arna Makes a Appearance!!

By: Baya Nikolas
After month's of being off the social radar after her feud with Dodence_bt, Arna-rut was finally spotted at a art gallery opening last night.

Onlookers say she bought a $200,000 painting, had a few drinks, and left early. They also went on to say Arna had a sour attitude and was completely rude to everyone around her!

Kristen get's robbed?

By: Baya Nikolas
Police were called down to Devie44's condo yesterday evening after Kristen claimed that some of her personal belongings had been robbed!

But the Cops are questioning Kristen, because they claim her story doesn't add up!! They don't understand how someone could have stolen 8 bags of very expensive designer clothes and jewelry without being seen by anyone in less than a one hour time frame!

Close friends of Kristen think that she lied about the whole thing and assume that her things are locked up in a storage unit somewhere in town! That she is doing this to get more money, because it's being rumored that the lotto winner is finally running out of her millions!!

Stalker On The Loose!!

By: Baya Nikolas
filed a restraining order against Style_Rave today!

Sam claims that Chloe has been stalking, harassing, and has been trying to attack him and his pregnant girlfriend Beverlyhillshei for the past couple of weeks!

Sam & Ashley are afraid for their lives, because Chloe has been sending letters to their home which go on about her and Sam's "future together" and she's also been sending Ashely gifts that contain bloody knives and baby dolls with a rope tied around their neck! Chloe has even gone out to the media claiming that she and Sam have been together since February and claims she and Sam are getting married!!

But Sam's rep said that "Chloe is completely delusional. Chloe's statements are completely false and purely outrages! Sam is engaged to Ashely and they're both expecting a child together very soon. Sam wishes Chloe get's the help she needs and leaves him and Ashely alone."

Chloe also thinks she and Style_Magazine are BFFs! How much delusional can she get?

March 19, 2010

Mary's Fall!!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Photo From: TYLERCON

This photo was snapped by Elite News photographer TYLERCON at Writemarycat's perfume J'aime promotion conference where Mary tripped and landed flat on her face as she walked onto the stage, but she quickly got back on her feet and continued with the program.

Insiders say that Mary had a major hangover from partying the night before!

March 17, 2010

Girls Night Out!

By: Baya Nikolas
Writemarycat was spotted partying it up with N1mka4eva and her girlfriend Star_Awards in Tokyo last night!

Onlookers say the trio were club-hopping all over the city. Inside sources say they were partying because it's being rumored that Charlotte and Vanessa got engaged this passed weekend and invited Mary, who set them up a year ago, to join them in Tokyo to celebrate!!

March 16, 2010

Filipa Talks Babies!!

By: Baya Nikolas
filipinhamaria dished about her twins, Sera & Amos, to People Magazine in the issue this Friday.

Ever since the famous movie star gave birth to her babies in November, everyone has been dying to get the first photos of the twins and People Magazine got the full exclusive!

Some highlights of the interview were:
People: How has parenting been?
Filipa: It's been hard, thank god for nannys! Don't get me wrong, I love my babies but sometimes it can get over-whelming.

People: Your husband, llcooljason has been busy shooting a movie in Vancouver, how does he jungle being a father and all?
Filipa: He's been doing amazing! When he's here, he tries to spend all his time with the twins.

People: Do you plan to go back into acting anytime soon?
Filipa: Of course! I'll probably go back into acting once the twins turn one, but right now I have my hands full.

Steven Bail's John Out!

By: Baya Nikolas
It has just been confirmed that jjgangstevenjj has bailed his older brother John2_el_mejor out of jail last night.

Steven had to pay $5,000 to bail John out. John is set to return to court next month to face charges on paying a hooker for sex and committing a lewd act in public.

Vasia & Daniel Dating!

By: Baya Nikolas
Vasia28 and DKCalifornia95 were spotted holding hands and walking out of the downtown hospital this morning.

Inside sources say "they have always been together, even when Daniel was still married to his now ex-wife Beverlyhillshei!! They're making it public now because of Vasia's car wreck a week ago, Daniel realized how much he loved her and couldn't stay away from the hospital she was at. He needed to see her and be with her has she recovered."

March 14, 2010

Tyler & Ellie Tie The Knot!!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Tylerisbold & Fakeshake3, who dated for a couple weeks back in December, have tied the knot!! They got hitched at Las Vegas with only their publicists and lawyers in attendance!!

Inside sources are saying they only married each other because Ellie's visa was up, so she made an "agreement" with Tyler so she could remain living in America!

Ashely Mourns A Friend

By: Baya Nikolas
Beverlyhillshei was spotted leaving a church this Sunday morning with out her man .SAMtheMan. in sight.

Onlookers say she was teary-eyed and look very upset. A rep for the heiress said she was paying respects to a old friend who had died a week ago from anorexia.

March 13, 2010

Maria's Twins Turn One!!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Fashion designer Dodence_bt was spotted at Kiddies Playhouse with her twins to celebrate their 1 year birthday!

Maria, who adopted Chloe & Zoey 8 months ago after going through gender reassignment surgery last year, threw the twins a huge bash that cost around $100,000 dollars!!

March 10, 2010

John Behind Bars!

By: Gabby Smith
After being in and out of rehab to treat his sex addiction, John2_el_mejor relapsed into his bad habit by picking up a hooker by the name of Staci Brown.

Unfortunately, police were patrolling the area and watched this event take place. Police followed John's car into a parking lot where the two engaged in lewd conduct. Both were arrested.

John's bail is set to $5,000 and is facing jail time. His court date is scheduled for June.

March 7, 2010

Fever's New Nightclub: Ruffian

By: Baya Nikolas
After being released from the Stardoll County Prison two weeks ago, Fever_Cole recently announced she would be opening a new nightclub called Ruffian.

Fever's old nightclub Le Chambre had been shut-down due to many reports of underage drinking, drug use, and lude acts being preform at the nightclub last year.

But close friends of Fever are pretty worried about the new nightclub, because Fever's law troubles have scared investors away and have cleaned her out of cash with court fines and they don't know how Fever's gonna come up with the cash to open Ruffian. They also go on to say that Fever is still doing drugs again. "It's gonna be a trash dump, she's gonna end up in jail again if she doesn't clean up her act" said a friend.

Fever's rep had this to say:
"Fever Cole's financial being is to nobody's concern and reports of her and drug use are completely false. As for her new nightclub Ruffian, it will be set at a warehouse outside of Stardoll and will be making it's grand opening very soon."

Vasia's Crash Update!

By: Baya Nikolas

Thanks to Elite News photographer TYLERCON, we got our hands on a picture of the site of Vasia28's crash two nights ago.

Reports are now saying that Vasia's alcoholic level was normal and was not the cause of the crash, and that the result of the crash was because the brakes of her car had been tampered with! The Stardoll Police are now undergoing a investigation.

As for Vasia's heath, the starlet is under stable condition and expected to be released from the hospital soon.

March 6, 2010

Vasia's Drunken Crash!!

By: Baya Nikolas
Vasia28 was rushed to the hospital after being involved in a major car accident last night.

Vasia was last seen leaving the Rock-n-Roll nightclub before the incident occurred. Onlookers say she seemed completely wasted and in no condition to drive!

Doctors wouldn't go into detail, but did say that she's under critical condition.

Update: She's now in stable condition.

March 5, 2010

Sean & Stacy: Going Strong!

By: Baya Nikolas
After dating for a month, musician -Cooldude and his Playboy bunny Starszn seem to be going strong. Close friends say they are very much in love. The couple even moved into a apartment downtown recently.

Sean & Stacy were spotted attending a gala yesterday evening hand-n-hand.

Adri's Sweet-tooth!

By: Baya Nikolas
Babuci1992 was spotted at a pastry shop this afternoon.

The wealthy heiress was there to pick out her birthday cake for her upcoming birthday bash this weekend!

March 4, 2010

Gia's Comeback!

By: Baya Nikolas
COMMESdesGARCON's triumphant return!

Gia is known for being Stardoll's Diva Extraordinaire when in came down to the fashion and style of the elites!

And now after a long absents from Stardoll, she's making a huge comeback!

Check out her blog HERE!

Dan To Wed!

By: Gabby Smith
Elite News blogger DanPuffs wed his longtime partner Manolo.DiCicco!

The couple had a private yet very lavish ceremony and reception at Manolo's beach house with close family and friends in attendance. PerezStarGossip was reportedly Dan's maid of honor, as Tylerisbold is to be Manolo's best man.

No word yet on if Undamyumbrellla was one of Dan's bridesmaids let alone even in attendance!