March 10, 2010

John Behind Bars!

By: Gabby Smith
After being in and out of rehab to treat his sex addiction, John2_el_mejor relapsed into his bad habit by picking up a hooker by the name of Staci Brown.

Unfortunately, police were patrolling the area and watched this event take place. Police followed John's car into a parking lot where the two engaged in lewd conduct. Both were arrested.

John's bail is set to $5,000 and is facing jail time. His court date is scheduled for June.


Elite News said...

This post is hilarious Gabby!
Poor John, lol.

Anonymous said...

I heard Staci Brown is an alias for Fever Cole...


I knew John was a wildcat. lool

iswim19 said...

Lol, this is so funny.
Hope he's in stable condition.