March 7, 2010

Fever's New Nightclub: Ruffian

By: Baya Nikolas
After being released from the Stardoll County Prison two weeks ago, Fever_Cole recently announced she would be opening a new nightclub called Ruffian.

Fever's old nightclub Le Chambre had been shut-down due to many reports of underage drinking, drug use, and lude acts being preform at the nightclub last year.

But close friends of Fever are pretty worried about the new nightclub, because Fever's law troubles have scared investors away and have cleaned her out of cash with court fines and they don't know how Fever's gonna come up with the cash to open Ruffian. They also go on to say that Fever is still doing drugs again. "It's gonna be a trash dump, she's gonna end up in jail again if she doesn't clean up her act" said a friend.

Fever's rep had this to say:
"Fever Cole's financial being is to nobody's concern and reports of her and drug use are completely false. As for her new nightclub Ruffian, it will be set at a warehouse outside of Stardoll and will be making it's grand opening very soon."

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