September 29, 2011

Jason & Filipa Back Together??
Is llcooljason really trying to get back together with his ex-wife Filipinhamaria? According to sources, "he really wants her back and is willing to do whatever it takes to show her he's a changed man."

Filipa recently broke up with her rocker boyfriend Paulox20 about a month ago but a close friend insist "the break-up was mutual and they remain friends and there's no way she's ever getting back with her ex-husband because of the break-up. She wants to be single and just focus on her twins and her career."

September 21, 2011

Ashely & Sam's Baby News!!

We just received exciting news!! BeverlyHillsHei & .SAMtheMAN. are in the process of adopting a baby boy! The newlyweds exclusively told EN that while attending fashion week at New Star City, the couple found themselves visiting an orphanage where they bonded with a little 6 month old baby boy who was left on the street when born.

The couple have began going through the adoption process and can't wait to bring little Alexander to their mansion in Stardoll in one month, but until then Ashely and Sam will be staying at their New Star City penthouse to be close with the baby!

Rose-Foster Divorce Drama Comes To An End!

Both N1mka4eva & Star_Awards went head-to-head this afternoon at the downtown courthouse. The couple who married on June 30th of last year, had a divorce hearing between them and their lawyers to finally agree on a divorce settlement. Vanessa filed for divorce in late March and has been fighting for a huge settlement after finding out Charlotte had been cheating on her since the beginning of the year with Undamyumbrella. Charlotte denied it at first, but after leaked pictures of the pair popped up soon after, Charlotte stayed silent.

So at the meeting today, we weren't shocked when Charlotte confessed to the allegations and agreed to settle with Vanessa. She was ordered to give Vanessa full ownership of their 3 million dollar mansion and also has to fork over half of her financial earnings made during the marriage, which is reported to be around 25 million!

According to Charlotte's lover...Kasia, she tells us that "I'm so happy this is done with. Charlotte didn't care anymore, there was hard evidence proving she cheated on Vanessa so she just confessed, she didn't want this to drag anymore than it did, she just wanted to get it over with and move on with her life. Vanessa got what she wanted and now Charlotte doesn't want anything else to do with that gold-digging uptight bitch."

The divorce will be finalized by a judge sometime next month.

First Shot Of Ashely Since Collaspe!
Queen-of-mean. was spotted at the airport this morning looking very glamorous! The hard-working actress is finally taking a much needed vacation after sever exhaustion made her pass-out on set of her successful show Samantha King two weeks ago.

Now that the first season of the show is completed, Ashely will finally have time to rest. Hopefully she really enjoys this break since she'll be back on set to begin shooting season 2 in November!

September 19, 2011

Linda Ties The Knot!

After being engaged for four months, Elite-girl finally said 'I do' to actor Mr.Wannabecool this past weekend! The former reality star held a huge lavish beach wedding on a private island. Many stars were there and Linda's infamous ex-boyfriend Ddlm11 was even in attendance too!

The newlyweds are currently honeymooning in Paris!

September 14, 2011

Lige & Selena Party Hard!

Lige09 and Ruubin were spotted hitting the club last night as they celebrated the season finale of their hit show Diamonds Are Forever. The hot new couple were all over eachother and partied hard the entire night!

September 13, 2011

Kasia Goes Mad For Risqué!
Undamyumbrellla landed the cover of Risqué Magazine's Fall issue. Kasia transformed into the Mad Hatter for the issue, which made her look unrecognizable but ironically suited her well.

In her 3 page photoshoot inside, not only did she posed semi-nude on one page, but the former model also shared a page with rumored lover N1mka4eva by her side! Unfortunately, when it came to her interview no word of Charlotte was said, but instead Kasia talked about her rise and fall to fame, her insecurities, and sex!

I recommend you pick up your own issue now!

September 10, 2011

Filipa On Set Of Burlesque!

Filipinhamaria started shooting her current film, Burlesque, this weekend. EN got a exclusive behind the scenes exclusive as we were invited on set.

The sexy mother of twins was not afraid to show off her fantastic body as she were very little clothing on set. Why would she? She looks amazing! Besides that, she told us she " was meant for this role, it's what I've always wanted to do if my acting career never took off. I would of been a burlesque entertainer."

September 6, 2011

Ashely Passes Out On Set!

Star of Samantha King, Queen-of-mean. was rushed to the ER this morning after passing out on set while filming! All reasons are pointing to exhaustion, as the actress had been running low on hours of sleep for a very long time.

Fortunately, her rep tells EN that Ashely will be fine and will take a much needed vacation once she's done filming the last remaining episode of the season for SK.

September 4, 2011

Kissing Co-stars: DRF Edition!

Ruubin must have had a great time last night, the award-winning actress was spotted leaving her rumored boyfriend Lige07's downtown apartment this morning while doing the walk of shame towards her car while wearing the same clothes from the day before!

Ironically, both actors play step-siblings in Elite Network's hit show, Diamonds Are Forever.

Ellie Get's Work Done For Losing Work??

Fakeshake3 was spotted leaving a plastic surgeon's office yesterday afternoon! The actress is said to be getting work done after being replaced in a movie by younger and better looking actress Princesslicha.

But according to the movie's casting director, that was not the case. Ellie had auditioned for the 25 year old female role, but the casting director insisted she be a better fit on playing the 35 year old female role instead.