July 2, 2011

Leaked Photos From Kasia's Cellphone!

Leading up directly after Star_Awards's restaurant outburst, all over the internet are photos of Undamyunbrellla and N1mka4eva getting either really 'buddy buddy' or maybe just seen as more than friends.

Regardless, there are shots of the pair hugged up, some of Charlotte posing in sensual ways, and others of the two in a lovey-dovey fashion.

No matter what the situation is, it gives Vanessa's case of Charlotte as a cheater stronger and sturdier to the public to take in. Charlotte has also been meeting up with her lawyer, though she has been seen with more than 3 just yesterday and back when we mentioned Vanessa and her marriage, there was no reports of there being a prenuptial agreement, so we can see Charlotte fighting to keep her cash since she holds the larger income of the two.

Kasia's rep told EN, "Kasia and Charlie are just close friends." But the question is, just how close of friends are the two?

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The.Chic said...

You know what, I think Kasia should be allowed to have a little fun! I mean it's her life right?