July 9, 2011

Style's Prison Sentence!!

Style_Magazine finally had her court hearing this afternoon! When Style faced the judge she plead guilty to both charges for assault and child endangerment.

The judge then gave her sentence and order her to serve a 90 day prison sentence which will begin on July 11th. She also must complete 50 hours of anger management and 75 hours of parenting classes within 1 year of her prison release. Once she completes the judge's order she then will gain full custody of Robyn back, but until then she will only see her daughter in the weekends under adult supervision.

According to eyewitnesses, Style was in tears when the judge gave her his ruling and held her head down in shame throughout the hearing.

As for little Robyn, she'll be living with her god parents, Tylerisbold & Fakeshake3, who have been award temporary custody until Style completes the judges orders.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Ill be left to run the company all on my own BWAAAAHAHAHAA