July 18, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever Promo!!!
Elite Network presents Diamonds Are Forever, starring a talented cast with award-winning actress Ruubin, Missicopenguin, Alexcendraburke, and ForeverGorgeous!

It premiere's July 22nd at 7pm GMT on Elite Network.
Spread the word!!!


Austin/Alexapie200 said...

;) Nice! I just wish people would hire un-elite people ;/

Linus said...

Oh ey! Marvelous.

Lia MacKenna / liajm said...

I didn't know Kylie was an actress! :P

Anonymous said...

Austin is so right!

Anonymous said...

Wow looks amazing, just started following the blog :) I love how this blog is based on elite gossip and not on the usual stuff that you find with stardoll blogs xx
( I can't wait to be an elite now)

Ruubin said...

@ Austin

Darling, this is ELITE News, not UN-Elite news!
It would be pretty boring watching 'YayPonies47568' and 'Ilikecupcakes123' do a prime time soap opera like this is gonna be ;) People already know us so it will be less confusing and it won't fail! :D

And Vanessa, this sound deliciously delicious :D Can't wait to see it! I will spear the word on BFM! Much love

Anonymous said...

I agree with austin and kiesha,im tired of people making dumb blogs about elites who dont deserve it.I mean come who cares its not really a soap opera its a BLOG helloooo!!!!Are we for getting this is not real.And i mean i understand that have people who are "newbs" or w.e you want to call it wouldnt be interesting but give people who do have a higher ranking a chance.Like a SD royalty that has been on here since like '09,mabye they would suprise you i mean they have to start somewhere right?Even starting actors who are real and not pixels have to get there breaks.And im not trying to be rude to any of what your doing its just im tired of seeimg the same thing,i think i could to better.And the only reason i dont have a username for blogger is because i need a damn google account for those people who say that anonymous writers are wusses.But i do have an sd account and i just think things should change and not be so well unfair and dumb.