November 18, 2011

SK Shooting Delay!
Season 2 of Samantha King was scheduled to begin shooting this week and begin airing by the end of the month, but due to "scheduling issues" between some of the cast members, the show has been put on delay until January.

November 16, 2011

Mother & Daughter Outing!

Star_Awards was spotted with newly adopted daughter Fiona today. The duo were spotted furniture shopping for the two year old's bedroom.

According to our sources, Fiona hasn't seen her birth parents in months and doesn't really seem to remember them that much, but as grown a huge attachment to Vanessa and seems to be adjusting perfectly.

Btw, both no longer go my the last name of Foster, after the adoption Vanessa legally change their last names to Mendieta, Vanessa's mother's maiden name.

November 15, 2011


Style_Magazine has been laying low lately after serving her 90-day prison sentence after going crazy at the Star Plaza back in July.

The former magazine editor has been out of prison since late October and according to our sources, she's been fill-fulling the judge's orders and has been taking anger management and parenting classes. She's also gotten to see her daughter Robyn a couple of times, whose staying with god-parents Tylerisbold & Fakeshake3.

November 13, 2011

Ashely's Shows Off Baby!

BeverlyHillsHei was spotted back in town after staying in New Star City for weeks in order to adopt her baby boy Alexander. The heiress looked amazing as she carried her son downtown for a doctor's appointment.

November 2, 2011

A Fare-Valentine Halloween!

Nojarama and Hunnigall celebrated Halloween by hosting a terrifyingly but spectacular grand bash this past weekend! Along with their three children; one year old twins Milo & Seraphina, and 5 month old Monroe.

The Fare-Valentine's went above and beyond when it came to their frighting costumes, yet I can't help think how cute their children look!