July 26, 2010

Vasia Spotted Without Daniel

Vasia28 was spotted attending a breast cancer awareness event this weekend.

Noticeably absent was Vasia's boyfriend DKCalifornia95. Sources tell us that the couple have been having problems for the past few weeks and are on the verge of breaking up.

July 25, 2010

Ashely & Sam Move On

Heiress BeverlyHillsHei and her fiance .SAMtheMAN. were all smiles while being spotted walking out of a music store downtown.

Ashely and Sam haven't been spotted in public as much since Ashely's miscarriage 3 months ago. A close friend says the couple are finally ready to move on and go back to living their lives again. We also hear they are finally going to start planning their wedding!

July 24, 2010

Lolita Gets Sued!!

There is news that Big Brother Stardoll creator, Miss_LolitaF is being sued by kicked-off contestants of her show.

The contestants claim that BBS was 'fixed' and that Lolita 'influence' votes to have the contestants voted off of the show. Now the contestants are taking Lolita to court for a $100,000 dollar claim in damages for each contestant.

July 22, 2010

Meet The Fockers, Little Fockers Red Carpet!

Last night was the premiere of the Meet The Fockers sequel movie, it was a star studded night full of a fun atmosphere and designer labels adorned head to toe by the attenders!

Lead star Alphonsinne looked great, this part was originally Nicole-0's but after the controversy around her after her (still) unbelievable stunt. The producers and directors said 'Nicole maybe had that look but Alphonsinne was a GREAT person to work with and we have great expectations for this girl!'

Despite rumors that there was drama between Bluegreen86, Bailey1212 against Alphonsinne, even their co-actor Jake Strands tweeted a few weeks ago in the last days of shooting- 'It's getting ******* stupid now, it's like they are school girls, unprofessional and annoying I cannot believe that they have not been fired yet.' this wasn't the only time he expressed his view on this he mentioned something similar in a promotional interview. The trio denied anything like that happened on the to the reporters on the red carpet, thought it was rumored that even at one point the arguments got physical!

Springate was spotted arm-in-arm with EliteMale at the premier, it was all over the internet that the couple were together but no-one took any notice since both of them had polar opposite personalities and lifestyles it was impossible to even think they'd be together, but Tim and Agnesse made their first public appearance together as a couple, and they were most definitely flaunting it! They couldn't keep their hands of each other during the movie, others watching said it didn't even seem as though they were the least bit interested in the movie, young love eh?

When will this one bite the dust? Will it be T A 4eva?

July 21, 2010

Tyler & Ellie's Surprising Statement!!

Actors Tylerisbold and Fakeshake3 just recently sent us a surprising statement regarding the reports about their marriage.

Tyler's & Ellies statement:
"We would like to address our fans and the media about some of the outrages rumors circulating around about our marriage. Being huge stars, it makes it hard to live private lives with the media following our every move and having rumors circulating around like crazy. Were like every other couple out there. Yes, there are times that we argue but never to the point when police had to get involve. Were not perfect, but we ARE in love. Lastly, we would like to announced some great news, which is that were be expecting a baby. Ellie is currently 8 weeks pregnant. Were very blessed and fortunate and hope that the media will stop with these outrages reports about us and let us live in peace."

Wow, I honestly didn't expect any of that, I wish them the best.

Sophia's Wacky Morning!!

LilMrsRich was spotted walking around in her undergarments outside her home this morning.

Onlookers say she looked 'confused' and 'lost' and was locked out of her apartment. A close source tells EN, "Sophia needs help, she's a drug addict and alcoholic. If she keeps on going like this, she'll end up dead or in jail very soon. Her stupid sister BeverlyHillsHei and her father pretend she isn't even alive anymore, they've completely taken her out of their lives. If it weren't for Ashely's ex-husband DKCalifornia95, Sophia would be living out in the streets right now."

Erin on COVER!!
Cover Magazine has hit Stardoll selves this month. The 1st issue of the magazine features our very own up-and-coming 'it' girl x.Optimistic.x on the cover!!

Congrats Erin!! I'm so happy for you!

Get your own copy of the issue by clicking HERE.

July 16, 2010

Unpredicted Wedding!!

After 7 months of dating, Gkmktk & Kamil01 have tied the knot this week!

Kamil and Elena had a VERY private ceremony held at Fashion Group studios on the set of next weeks Late Night With Chad. MadWorld made a statement telling us how private it was and how he had to sign some legal forms in which it stated he wasn't allowed to breath a word about the couple's marriage until they made it public, if he did he'd face getting prosecuted! Pretty serious in keeping it under wraps, eh?

They were wearing outfits designed by Rosa Williams, designer of many extraordinary weddings gowns for the biggest stars.

We also contacted their publicist moments ago and they've agreed to air their wedding as a t.v. special for Elite Network in a couple of weeks!

July 12, 2010

Ashely's New Man Too Prefect?

Actress Queen-of-mean. and her boyfriend The-Gent were spotted walking around The Grove hand-n-hand earlier this afternoon.

The couple have only been together for a couple weeks but our insiders say Ashely is completely smitten with Jake. A close friend say's, "He's a complete gentlemen and treats her like a queen. He always visits her on set when shes shooting The Real Elites Of Stardoll. He seems too perfect at times, which I question what his real intentions are, but Ashely's too blind to notice."

July 7, 2010

Dead Fashion Casting!!
New production company, Deadly Doll Studios is now casting for aspiring actors & actresses for it's first movie -- Dead Fashion.

Movie's Synopsis:
"One of the most highly noted fashion designers in North Starmerica throws a retiring/final release of their last fashion designs. Highly known and fresh faced models alike are hired and the biggest known names, family and friends show up for the exclusive and private party. And it all ends in a big bang.."

For casting info, please click HERE.

July 6, 2010

Flaunting it on nature!

Britney at Wall St Park

Britneys07 was seen yesterday late afternoon at Wall Street Park giving onlookers a sneak peak to her upcoming line label, 'The Blue Story', she was with a male friend who she seemed quite friendly towards her.

A source told us that they spotted Britney making out with the 'mysterious' man at the local coffee shop Toast after the preview! Do we smell romance? or casual lovers?

July 5, 2010

Marykate's early morning threat!

Marikate14 received a threat from who her PR company claims, Tylerisbold!

Her PR company disclosed that Marykate received a threat early morning around 8am (ish) the day after the 'The Wall' got released, Tyler was agitated over the fact that he wasn't featured on the wall, despite his new project! He threatened to kidnap Marykate's adopted child Jane if she didn't feature him on the wall! Marykate was very worried and startled by this stunt pulled by Tyler, she decided to take a sudden trip to her holiday house at the Virgin Islands.

Is this something she should've expected?

July 4, 2010

Perez Has Brunch With Her Boys!!

PerezStarGossip was spotted with her husband Prime_Tyme and brother MadWorld having brunch at a local cafe earlier today!

The trio were all smiles. Noticeably absent was Chad's girlfriend Writemarycat, but it's known that Perez isn't a big fan of her.

Vanessa & Charlotte Wed!!!

It's official, Star_Awards and N1mka4eva tied the knot this past Wednesday on their one year anniversary, which was on June 30th!!

The couple had a very small backyard wedding at Writemarycat's mansion. Despite the huge fire that broke out at the couple's own mansion a couple weeks ago, they were all smiles and happy! They are currently honeymooning in Paris!

The wedding will be on the finale for Vanessa's reality show, "Foster Family" which will premiere July 7th on Elite Network!

July 3, 2010

Miss Stardoll Elite Premiere Invite!!
Your all are invited to the Miss Stardoll Elite pageant premiere on July 5th at 6:00pm EST, hosted by Hay-hay99999999!!

It's a red carpet event that you won't wanna miss!!
See you there!!

Ashely & Sam: Lost Souls?

Insiders say that heiress BeverlyHillsHei and her billionaire fiance .SAMtheMAN. have been living under bad conditions lately.

Our source says, "When Ashely came back from the hospital after her miscarriage, Sam and Ashely fired all their house staff and publicity staff. The house has since been a huge mess. They spend their days in the baby's nursery weeping and crying and spend their nights partying and drinking! They don't even take good care of themselves too, they both dress in dirty clothes and hardly sleep. They look so weak. They don't care about anything anymore! I'm afraid they might do something deadly."

Elite Network's Debut!!!

Today marks the launch of Elite Entertainment's latest project, which is Elite Network!!

Elite Network is a television network that I founded back in April 26th. After months of planning and putting the network together, it's finally time to make it's huge debut!

The network will consist of a variety of television series that will premiere this Summer. The first being x.optimistic.x's drama series, The Real Elites Of Stardoll!!

So click HERE to check it out!!!

P.S. Thank you Wooldoor for the for the banner!

The Wall

The Stardoll Hall of Fame released their latest "A-list Wall" a couple days ago.

Writemarycat is at the top of the list despite all the craziness surrounding her lately! Congrats Mary!!!

I was also featured on the list, which was honestly unexpected, but I have you guys to thank really!! Without you guys, I wouldn't have had the little success I've had so far. Thanks!!

July 1, 2010

Miss Stardoll Elite!!!
The Ms.SDElite beauty pageant is just around the corner!

Hay-hay99999999, who's running the pageant is now holding auditions for those who are interested in being Miss Stardoll Elite!! If your interested then click HERE to sign up!!!

The pageant will be judged by KingOfMedia, Miss.Lolita_F, and me!!

Hana tells all!

Haylin295 was spotted at The Rainbow Room last night at a friend's Birthday party, co-incidentally i was there too for the b'day bash!

Me and Hana started talking and Hana seemed pretty pissed (drunk), she then later on started talking about her boss Writemarycat! We've all witnessed the shenanigans displayed by owner of the multi-billion dollar enterprise Fashion Group.

Hana told us that "Mary had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes! Mary has been being her wild self to try and block out the truth but her regular insulin injections knocked her back to the same place, Mary gave up her baby because it could seriously harm her baby and could result to a stillbirth or misscarriage, Mary's Mum came into town a couple of days ago and is now trying to help Mary overcome this obstacle life has thrown at her."

Wow..this was much more serious than we imagined, we all here at Elite News hope Mary a healthy life and a recovery.

If any of the things mentioned in this post is something you maybe facing or think you might have diabetes please consult to your doctor or call a diabetes helpline (1-800-941-4635) remember it's best to get diagnosed than to just ignore it, learn more about Diabetes by clicking here.

Fifi You LIAR!

This evening, pregnant Fifibannana was seen in her local newsagents buying a paper and a can of coke as she left she missed a step and fell over in a body suit she then got up and started crying and ran away we then caught up with her an hour later and She then replied "I knew this would happen. I've been hiding it all this time, I'm not pregnant I done it as I was in $200,000 in debt and I WANT MY ATTENTION BACK".

This has left the world shocked and the police have been receiving letters all night saying I'm going to hang myself mysteriously by Fifi. Has she gone into a nut shell? because she needs help for one!