July 1, 2010

Miss Stardoll Elite!!!
The Ms.SDElite beauty pageant is just around the corner!

Hay-hay99999999, who's running the pageant is now holding auditions for those who are interested in being Miss Stardoll Elite!! If your interested then click HERE to sign up!!!

The pageant will be judged by KingOfMedia, Miss.Lolita_F, and me!!


KingofMedia said...

Lolita a judge?


The Pagent Staff said...

CATFIGHT........Oh Hi King.Happy *****mas.

Gabrielle said...

Oh pleaseeeee make me famous pleaseeeee.

Get a life. BUT This will be interesting to watch.

The Pagent Staff said...

Yes It will.I can't wait for cat fights.

Madisson - BrissieBella said...

LOL @ what kingofmedia said.

I'd fuck my life too if I had to judge with her.

Dei said...

It will be like American Idol :D

Simon/KingOfMedia & Paula/Lolita