July 1, 2010

Hana tells all!

Haylin295 was spotted at The Rainbow Room last night at a friend's Birthday party, co-incidentally i was there too for the b'day bash!

Me and Hana started talking and Hana seemed pretty pissed (drunk), she then later on started talking about her boss Writemarycat! We've all witnessed the shenanigans displayed by owner of the multi-billion dollar enterprise Fashion Group.

Hana told us that "Mary had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes! Mary has been being her wild self to try and block out the truth but her regular insulin injections knocked her back to the same place, Mary gave up her baby because it could seriously harm her baby and could result to a stillbirth or misscarriage, Mary's Mum came into town a couple of days ago and is now trying to help Mary overcome this obstacle life has thrown at her."

Wow..this was much more serious than we imagined, we all here at Elite News hope Mary a healthy life and a recovery.

If any of the things mentioned in this post is something you maybe facing or think you might have diabetes please consult to your doctor or call a diabetes helpline (1-800-941-4635) remember it's best to get diagnosed than to just ignore it, learn more about Diabetes by clicking here.


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