June 28, 2011

Vanessa Get's Explosive!

Star_Awards was spotted leaving a restaurant last night looking pretty upset. According to onlookers in the restaurant, Vanessa seem to be speaking to her lawyer inside when she reportedly had a huge outburst!

Vanessa and her lawyer were discussing her pending divorce from N1mka4eva, but when the lawyer told Vanessa that the Charlotte was denying the cheating allegations, Vanessa began to throw a fit in the restaurant, and began to yell, "why in hell is she claiming she never cheated??? She's fucking crazy! She did cheat on me! I walked in on her and Undamyumbrella in our bedroom when I got home early from the gym!!! She better pay me half of her millions and the deed to the fucking house! After that shit she put me through, I deserve at least that!!" She then abruptly got up and left.

According to the divorce documents, if Vanessa can prove that Charlotte did in fact cheat, then Nessa is entitled to half of Char's "millions" and full ownership of their 3 million dollar mansion!

June 27, 2011

Ashley's Pool Party!

Queen-of-mean. was spotted having a little pool party with a group of friends yesterday afternoon at a island resort. The actress seemed to be celebrating her newly single life since her break-up with last week.

The couple reportedly split amicably after almost one year together. Sources close to the pair say that the breakup was a "mutual decision and that no third parties were involved."

June 26, 2011

Filipa's New Man!

Now that her divorce from llcooljason was finalized in mid-January, actress Filipinhamaria has started dating rocker Paulox20.

The mother of 2 year old twins was spotted attending her new man's concert this weekend. The couple were later seen leaving together soon after the rocker's performance.

June 24, 2011

New Starlet Wins BIG!!

Hot new actress Ruubin made a huge gold splash at the World Film Awards last night!

Selena took home five awards for her amazing acting for her first starring role in Running From Fire. A film about a young teen struggling to find a way out from her abusive father's hands. This was the first movie role for the starlet and has also taken her acting abilities to the small screen with a starring role in the new upcoming television series, Diamonds Are Forever! Which is set to premiere on the Elite Network mid-July!

Welcome to Dollywood hun!

More than just friends??

In shocking news! Supermodels Noelle_Page & Isabella.Aric were reportedly seen making out in a VIP lounge at hot new nightclub, The Chimera last month! Which has everyone speculating that the bff's may have been secret lovers for years!!

June 21, 2011

In celebratory news....

Reality star Elite-Girl and her actor boyfriend Mr.Wannabecool got engaged last month! According to Linda's close friends, the couple are planing a huge lavish wedding!

In baby news, Perezstargossip and her hubby Prime_Tyme welcomed a baby girl on April 5th! They name their 8lb baby girl, Skyler Hilton King! Also, after her water unexpectedly broke 2 months early, Hunnigall delivered a pre-mature, but healthy 6lb baby girl on June 1st! Father, Nojarama told us exclusively they named her Monroe Fare-Valentine!

June 20, 2011

Foster Sisters Drama Update!

This is certainly not the sisters year! The reality stars have been going through many issues lately!

In February Emorox4eva's home was burglarized and in March, Jenna and her husband Decowood were mugged after leaving a restaurant. Both events left them fearful for their lives and their daughter Fiona's' since the police haven't caught the criminals. Fiona has been living with trusted friends while Jenna & Stanley try to overcome the traumatic experience. But on May 20th, Stanley was pulled over for DUI and is set to be in court on June 25th. Jenna has reportedly fled the country for traumatic distress counseling.

As for Star_Awards, the star's marriage fell apart with fashion honcho N1mka4eva. Vanessa filed divorce papers in March citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the divorce, but just recently Vanessa re-filed new papers citing "adultery" for the divorce! Our sources tell's EN that Charlotte was reportedly cheating on Vanessa with former model Undamyumbrella since November!! Charlotte hasn't commented.

What's even more scandalous is that Vasia28 checked into rehab for an drug addiction on June 2nd. Our sources tell us the reality star/singer has been dealing with drugs since her nasty break-up with DKCalifornia95! Supposedly rumored drummer boyfriend, -Marco got her using.

The sisters rep put out this statement on behalf of their troubles:
"The Fosters are currently dealing with issues within each of their own lives at the moment. They wish that the media let them go through it privately. The family appreciates their fans support during this difficult time and hope to begin a new chapter in their lives in the coming months."

June 19, 2011

WTF? Where's Baya??

Don't worry Baya's back!!

I'm here and ready to get back to doing what I know best, GOSSIP!
I just needed to go on hiatus for a while and deal with some legal issues, which I will discuss soon.

I'll make sure to update you on all the hot gossip that happened in the past couple of months.

Missed you guys!!

June 1, 2011

Alice Rushed To Hospital!!

Hunnigall hasn't given much detail of her pregnancy since announcing it at one week gone back in October, but Elite News have exclusively learned that within the last half hour, Alice was rushed to hospital after her water broke!!!

She and fiance Nojarama have been out of town visiting relatives, but came back recently to ensure they were prepared for the birth - not knowing it would be as soon as it is! A representative for the couple has stated:
"This has come as a huge surprise. The couple were planning on taking it easy and spending time with the children, as well as creating a nursery in their West Dollywood home, but Alice's waters have recently broken, and they have gone to hospital. At 7 1/2 months, there are concerns for the health of the child, so we would ask that the press respect their privacy and priorities at this time. More updates will come soon."
It is thought that close family friend Ciaraleanne is looking after their other children; 8-month-old Seraphina and Milo. Our thoughts are with you, hun!