June 21, 2011

In celebratory news....

Reality star Elite-Girl and her actor boyfriend Mr.Wannabecool got engaged last month! According to Linda's close friends, the couple are planing a huge lavish wedding!

In baby news, Perezstargossip and her hubby Prime_Tyme welcomed a baby girl on April 5th! They name their 8lb baby girl, Skyler Hilton King! Also, after her water unexpectedly broke 2 months early, Hunnigall delivered a pre-mature, but healthy 6lb baby girl on June 1st! Father, Nojarama told us exclusively they named her Monroe Fare-Valentine!


eamonnogcollins said...

:'] xxx

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Aww, congratulations to everyone!

I don't like the kid's name though...sorry Alice & Nojo :S