July 27, 2011

Vasia Released From Rehab!!

Vasia28 has finally been released from rehab after a 2 month stint. Vasia voluntary checked into rehab on June 2nd for an drug addiction.

The reality star's rep released the following statement.
"Vasia and her family appreciate the support and privacy her fans have given her through this difficult time and hope for everyone to continue to respect her privacy."

Our sources tell us the reality star rocker has no plans on making a comeback of any kind.

July 18, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever Promo!!!
Elite Network presents Diamonds Are Forever, starring a talented cast with award-winning actress Ruubin, Missicopenguin, Alexcendraburke, and ForeverGorgeous!

It premiere's July 22nd at 7pm GMT on Elite Network.
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What Ever Happped To Girl Code??

Miss_LolitaF's best friend, actress Princesslicha has started dating Lolita's ex-boyfriend Paria10, a high class lawyer. According to our sources, Alicia & Reza have been shacking up behind Lolita's back for almost 2 months! When Lolita found out, she reportedly seem fine with it and couldn't be happier for the couple!!

Lolita & Reza dated for a short three months and broke up after Reza found a text message on Lolita's cellphone and didn't want anything to do with her ever since. Our insiders say Lolita has been acting weird and is definitely hiding a big secret!

July 15, 2011

Baya Tweets: SK Premiere!!!

"Yay! Elite Network's new show, Samantha King, just aired! Queen-of-mean.'s role is sooo scandalous!! To catch the two episode premiere click HERE!! The show is addicting!!! Btw, sometime this week I will release yet another promo for the premiere of Diamonds Are Forever..."

July 14, 2011

Elena & Kamil Celebrate Anniversary!

Gkmktk & Kamil01 were spotted downtown. According to our insiders, the couple were celebrating their one year wedding anniversary along with Kamil's twin sister N1mka4eva by going to brunch at Elena's favorite restaurant.

The trio seem shockingly pleasant as paparazzi followed them like crazy, parading and taunting Charlotte mostly, because of her current divorce drama. Paparazzi called out names like "Cheater, cat lady lover, wacko lover" etc.... Which didn't seem to phase Charlotte one bit.

July 11, 2011

A New Guilty Pleasure!!
Get ready for your latest guilty pleasure with Elite Network's newest drama-licious show, Samantha King! Starring one of Stardoll's finest up and coming actresses, Queen-of-Mean.!! The show is set to premiere on July 15th at 7pm GMT on Elite Network.

Here's a sneak peek of the show:
It was a lonely life for Samantha King. High school was officially over, summer had barely begun, and already the beautiful, young brunette felt alone and deserted in the world. Not brains nor looks could bring her out of the slump of complete hollowness she felt. Until she meant....him.

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July 9, 2011

Style's Prison Sentence!!

Style_Magazine finally had her court hearing this afternoon! When Style faced the judge she plead guilty to both charges for assault and child endangerment.

The judge then gave her sentence and order her to serve a 90 day prison sentence which will begin on July 11th. She also must complete 50 hours of anger management and 75 hours of parenting classes within 1 year of her prison release. Once she completes the judge's order she then will gain full custody of Robyn back, but until then she will only see her daughter in the weekends under adult supervision.

According to eyewitnesses, Style was in tears when the judge gave her his ruling and held her head down in shame throughout the hearing.

As for little Robyn, she'll be living with her god parents, Tylerisbold & Fakeshake3, who have been award temporary custody until Style completes the judges orders.

July 6, 2011

Tyler Get's Custody Of Robyn!

Tylerisbold was spotted heading inside the Stardoll Police Station just moments ago were is good friend Style_Magazine is incarcerated for assault & child endangerment.

According to our sources, Style has reportedly lost temporary custody of her adopted daughter Robyn and has asked Tyler to take custody.

Style will spend the night in jail and will face a judge early tomorrow morning and see if she'll be granted bail.

Style Goes On A Tirade!!!!!

Just moments ago, Style_Magazine went on a violent tirade at a clothing boutique in the Star Plaza! According to onlookers, Style got furious after discovering her cards were maxed out and attacked the cashier and while security tried to escort her out the store she punched and kicked them and even pushed her daughter Robyn off her stroller which landed her daughter on the floor.

She is reportedly in police custody and fixing to face charges for assault and child endangerment. Her daughter is in custody with a social worker.

Story developing...

July 5, 2011

Jenna & Stanley Separate

Emorox4eva and her husband of 3 years, Decowood have filed for legal separation. According to our sources, the couple's recent problems have put a strain on the couple's marriage, and both agreed amicably it would be best to take a break.

A rep for the couple put out this statement:
"After a tough year of the couple's hardships since the beginning of the year, Jenna & Stanley feel it's important for both of them to take a break from their marriage until each resolve their traumatic issues."

Jenna is currently out of the country on a retreat while Stanley is staying with his brother can facing DWI charges. Their baby daughter Fiona is still staying with close friends of the couple.

July 2, 2011

Leaked Photos From Kasia's Cellphone!

Leading up directly after Star_Awards's restaurant outburst, all over the internet are photos of Undamyunbrellla and N1mka4eva getting either really 'buddy buddy' or maybe just seen as more than friends.

Regardless, there are shots of the pair hugged up, some of Charlotte posing in sensual ways, and others of the two in a lovey-dovey fashion.

No matter what the situation is, it gives Vanessa's case of Charlotte as a cheater stronger and sturdier to the public to take in. Charlotte has also been meeting up with her lawyer, though she has been seen with more than 3 just yesterday and back when we mentioned Vanessa and her marriage, there was no reports of there being a prenuptial agreement, so we can see Charlotte fighting to keep her cash since she holds the larger income of the two.

Kasia's rep told EN, "Kasia and Charlie are just close friends." But the question is, just how close of friends are the two?

July 1, 2011

Marcela Going Bankrupt?

In latest breaking news, the multimillionaire actress turned fashion designer, .Marcela.., sold her very successful and infamous brand, M by Marcela to the said to be conniving billionaire Mizzmileycyrus9.

She vaguely Tweeted that, "I will miss M, but sadly, its not mine anymore."

Reportedly, we heard that Reece bought out the fashion brand for 30 million and has mentioned plans of possibly changing the name from 'M by Marcela' to 'R by Reece' since he now holds full power of the company's copyright and branding title and he has already started advertising the brand repeatedly over the airways of the radio and even popular blogging sites like Perez Hilton of Stardoll.

But the star has been out of the loop when it came to business, not scoring any movie roles in the past 2 years and has not made a line since the last S/S Stardoll Fashion Week! And lately, she has been reportedly selling her valuable belongings over eBay and in the Star Bazaar.

So people are wondering, did she sell out because she is going broke?

Ciara Expecting Twins!

Model turned designer, Ciaraleanne, was spotted leaving the Central Dollywood Medical Hospital wearing this maternity like shirt and viewing what seemed to be ultra sound photos of what looked like to be not one, but TWO babies.

Though she completely ignored the paparazzi's questions towards her, she merely smiled and held her stomach while her body guards escorted her to her private car. But people noticed she was alone which leads to questions about who is the babies' father. But there has been no reports of the young model being in a relationship. Is there a possibly that the babies are love childs?

We don't know how far along she is, but she is starting to show a baby bump! Tis' the season for bump watch? I'd say that's a yes.