December 25, 2011

Kamil & Elena Released From Hospital

What a great Christmas gift, Kamil09 & Gkmktk have finally been released from the hospital, after the two were involved in a deadly car accident back in August.

The couple were spotted exiting the hospital they've been living at for months, Kamil reportedly suffered a huge head injury that landed him in a deep coma for a couple days, as for Elena she was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down and has been regaining her strength slowly, which is why she's sporting that panda walking cane.

According to close friends of the couple tells us, "Kamil & Elena don't remember much of the accident, but they are so grateful to have survived and fought this heartache together. Sadly, the day the accident happened, Elena found out she was 6 weeks pregnant, but unfortunately lost the baby due to the crash."

December 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday EN!!

It's Elite News 2nd year anniversary today!!! It's a amazing milestone and I have you all to thank! Once again, I appreciate you all who have followed this blog since day one and those who have discovered it since then. I must admit, there were times when I thought the blog would come to an end due to my busy life, but I couldn't do that to all my loyal readers. As long has the blog as followers I'll do my best to entertain you all with my stories.

**As a gift to my awesome readers, I would love to give the spotlight to some "unknown" followers and feature them in the blog. So, if you've never been featured in the blog, then just leave your Stardoll username, full name, and your gender in the comments below and suggest some type of fame worthy title of your dreams, such as model, musician, actress, heiress, mistress, stylist, royalty, etc. I'll try to feature as many as I can.

December 17, 2011

OSD Awards 2011

The OSD Awards took place this past weekend. A new international award show awarding those in the media and beauty industry, but really mostly rich heiresses and a few celebs. One celeb being Style_Magazine, which was pretty shocking when she actually won, but surprising seeing that she didn't even attend. When asked about her win Style admitted she didn't even know about the nomination or the award show in the first place, yet very thankful for the recognition.

As for the other winners, nothing but beauty queens or rich heiresses.

December 13, 2011

Linda Hiding Baby Bump?

Elite-girl was spotted yesterday sporting a over-sized top and looking pretty annoyed. Rumors have been swirling around that the former reality star is preggers, but Linda nor her rep have yet to comment on any of the reports.

December 5, 2011

Filipa Back With.....

Filipinhamaria is back in the arms of rocker Paulox20. The couple were spotted clubbing all night yesterday and according to onlookers the couple couldn't keep their hands off eachother .

So thrilled to see everything going well for them. When they broke up back in August, I had a feeling it wasn't permanent.

November 18, 2011

SK Shooting Delay!
Season 2 of Samantha King was scheduled to begin shooting this week and begin airing by the end of the month, but due to "scheduling issues" between some of the cast members, the show has been put on delay until January.

November 16, 2011

Mother & Daughter Outing!

Star_Awards was spotted with newly adopted daughter Fiona today. The duo were spotted furniture shopping for the two year old's bedroom.

According to our sources, Fiona hasn't seen her birth parents in months and doesn't really seem to remember them that much, but as grown a huge attachment to Vanessa and seems to be adjusting perfectly.

Btw, both no longer go my the last name of Foster, after the adoption Vanessa legally change their last names to Mendieta, Vanessa's mother's maiden name.

November 15, 2011


Style_Magazine has been laying low lately after serving her 90-day prison sentence after going crazy at the Star Plaza back in July.

The former magazine editor has been out of prison since late October and according to our sources, she's been fill-fulling the judge's orders and has been taking anger management and parenting classes. She's also gotten to see her daughter Robyn a couple of times, whose staying with god-parents Tylerisbold & Fakeshake3.

November 13, 2011

Ashely's Shows Off Baby!

BeverlyHillsHei was spotted back in town after staying in New Star City for weeks in order to adopt her baby boy Alexander. The heiress looked amazing as she carried her son downtown for a doctor's appointment.

November 2, 2011

A Fare-Valentine Halloween!

Nojarama and Hunnigall celebrated Halloween by hosting a terrifyingly but spectacular grand bash this past weekend! Along with their three children; one year old twins Milo & Seraphina, and 5 month old Monroe.

The Fare-Valentine's went above and beyond when it came to their frighting costumes, yet I can't help think how cute their children look!

October 25, 2011

Stanley Goes To Court!

Decowood faced the judge today, for his DUI arrest back in May. The judge let him off easy due to his traumatic circumstances and only ordered him to pay a 1,000 dollar fine and ordered him to attend AA meetings and counseling sessons for one year.

Also, while he was at the court office he also signed his divorce papers from Emorox4eva, which both he and Jenna agreed to give up their parental rights from their 2 year old daughter Fiona. Jenna's sister, Star_Awards is currently in the process of adopting Fiona.

The divorce will be finalized by January.

October 20, 2011

Mel's Single Vacation

Supermodel Bluegreen86 was spotted vacationing by her beach villa a couple days go. Rumor has it that the supermodel has now split up from girlfriend -Inspired- of almost two years together. According to our sources, the break-up was mutual and both remain friends.

By the way, is it me or does Mel look better than ever!?!?

October 15, 2011

SK's Season 2 Spoliers!

After Samantha King's 1st season finale shock us all in a jaw-dropping's no surprise that Season 2 will be very anticipated! And to get everyone back on their toes again, I'll like to spill some new deets for the upcoming season!

There will be many new character's appearing this upcoming season, one of them being a new male lead character! Played by hot new actor, Chace.Clark. As to what this will mean for the show...let's just say, the unexpected pregnancy will be the least of Samantha's problems this season! Tylerisbold's character Nathan Woodward will be seen less this season, only appearing on 2-3 episodes!

Season 2 will air on the Elite Network in late November!

October 12, 2011

Jenna's shocking decision!!
It wasn't so shocking when we found out Emorox4eva officially filed for divorce from her estranged husband Decowood this morning. Citing "irreconcilable differences" for the split. But what was shocking is her decision to GIVE UP legal and physical custody of her 2 year old daughter Fiona!

According to the divorce papers she states "I'm not and won't ever be fit to parent Fiona Foster-Wood. I insist that not only me, but Stanley Wood also give up his parental rights. We've mostly been leaving the child under the guidance and care of Star_Awards, my sister, whose willing to adopt the child if both Stanley and I give up our parental rights."

According to our sources, Stanley isn't surprised by the divorce and Jenna's decision to give up Fiona, because he wants the same thing. "Stanley is done with anything having to do with Jenna and Fiona, he want's to start a new life," says a close friend.

October 11, 2011

Charlotte & Kasia Engaged???
There's a rumor going around that newly divorced N1mka4eva is engaged to Undamyumbrellla!

The rumors surfaced after Charlotte threw Kasia a huge birthday bash over the weekend, which was described by party guest as "unforgettable" but nobody would elaborate any further to want happen at the bash!

Kasia commented on the rumor by only saying "what happens at my party, stays at the my party."

Amanda walk's out on bill!
LadyGagaMcQueen stopped by a downtown restaurant to enjoy a lovely afternoon lunch, but once she received her bill, she simply walked out without paying! The D-list actress claims she didn't pay because "the food was disgusting and the service was rude."

As for the restaurant owners, they aren't filing charges against her, but instead they ask that she never set foot inside the restaurant ever again.

October 6, 2011

Weathly Heiress Get's DUI!

After leaving her own engagement party last night, wealthy heiress AislinVictory was pulled over by police after her car was swerving side-to-side along the road. The police claim Aislin was "highly intoxicated" and could barely say a word.

Aislin, who's been on a bad girl streak ever since she moved to Dollywood has had other incidents with law enforcement before. Once for loud music at her house party a couple weeks ago and an other after she had a catfight with pop signer Liajm at a nightclub just days ago!

October 1, 2011

Jenna Officially Done With Stanley??
Last night, we spotted Emorox4eva heading into a hotel after arriving from the airport. According to our sources, she is only back for a couple of days to officially fill out divorce papers from her estranged husband Decowood. The two have been legally separated since early July.

They have a 2 year old daughter, Fiona, who hasn't been with Jenna or Stanley since March. Instead the little girl has been cared by friends and family.

"Jenna is a whole different person and Stanley is a wild mess. Instead of trying to fix their problems, she's running away from them and he's drinking them away. That night changed them," says a close friend.

September 29, 2011

Jason & Filipa Back Together??
Is llcooljason really trying to get back together with his ex-wife Filipinhamaria? According to sources, "he really wants her back and is willing to do whatever it takes to show her he's a changed man."

Filipa recently broke up with her rocker boyfriend Paulox20 about a month ago but a close friend insist "the break-up was mutual and they remain friends and there's no way she's ever getting back with her ex-husband because of the break-up. She wants to be single and just focus on her twins and her career."

September 21, 2011

Ashely & Sam's Baby News!!

We just received exciting news!! BeverlyHillsHei & .SAMtheMAN. are in the process of adopting a baby boy! The newlyweds exclusively told EN that while attending fashion week at New Star City, the couple found themselves visiting an orphanage where they bonded with a little 6 month old baby boy who was left on the street when born.

The couple have began going through the adoption process and can't wait to bring little Alexander to their mansion in Stardoll in one month, but until then Ashely and Sam will be staying at their New Star City penthouse to be close with the baby!

Rose-Foster Divorce Drama Comes To An End!

Both N1mka4eva & Star_Awards went head-to-head this afternoon at the downtown courthouse. The couple who married on June 30th of last year, had a divorce hearing between them and their lawyers to finally agree on a divorce settlement. Vanessa filed for divorce in late March and has been fighting for a huge settlement after finding out Charlotte had been cheating on her since the beginning of the year with Undamyumbrella. Charlotte denied it at first, but after leaked pictures of the pair popped up soon after, Charlotte stayed silent.

So at the meeting today, we weren't shocked when Charlotte confessed to the allegations and agreed to settle with Vanessa. She was ordered to give Vanessa full ownership of their 3 million dollar mansion and also has to fork over half of her financial earnings made during the marriage, which is reported to be around 25 million!

According to Charlotte's lover...Kasia, she tells us that "I'm so happy this is done with. Charlotte didn't care anymore, there was hard evidence proving she cheated on Vanessa so she just confessed, she didn't want this to drag anymore than it did, she just wanted to get it over with and move on with her life. Vanessa got what she wanted and now Charlotte doesn't want anything else to do with that gold-digging uptight bitch."

The divorce will be finalized by a judge sometime next month.

First Shot Of Ashely Since Collaspe!
Queen-of-mean. was spotted at the airport this morning looking very glamorous! The hard-working actress is finally taking a much needed vacation after sever exhaustion made her pass-out on set of her successful show Samantha King two weeks ago.

Now that the first season of the show is completed, Ashely will finally have time to rest. Hopefully she really enjoys this break since she'll be back on set to begin shooting season 2 in November!

September 19, 2011

Linda Ties The Knot!

After being engaged for four months, Elite-girl finally said 'I do' to actor Mr.Wannabecool this past weekend! The former reality star held a huge lavish beach wedding on a private island. Many stars were there and Linda's infamous ex-boyfriend Ddlm11 was even in attendance too!

The newlyweds are currently honeymooning in Paris!

September 14, 2011

Lige & Selena Party Hard!

Lige09 and Ruubin were spotted hitting the club last night as they celebrated the season finale of their hit show Diamonds Are Forever. The hot new couple were all over eachother and partied hard the entire night!

September 13, 2011

Kasia Goes Mad For Risqué!
Undamyumbrellla landed the cover of Risqué Magazine's Fall issue. Kasia transformed into the Mad Hatter for the issue, which made her look unrecognizable but ironically suited her well.

In her 3 page photoshoot inside, not only did she posed semi-nude on one page, but the former model also shared a page with rumored lover N1mka4eva by her side! Unfortunately, when it came to her interview no word of Charlotte was said, but instead Kasia talked about her rise and fall to fame, her insecurities, and sex!

I recommend you pick up your own issue now!

September 10, 2011

Filipa On Set Of Burlesque!

Filipinhamaria started shooting her current film, Burlesque, this weekend. EN got a exclusive behind the scenes exclusive as we were invited on set.

The sexy mother of twins was not afraid to show off her fantastic body as she were very little clothing on set. Why would she? She looks amazing! Besides that, she told us she " was meant for this role, it's what I've always wanted to do if my acting career never took off. I would of been a burlesque entertainer."

September 6, 2011

Ashely Passes Out On Set!

Star of Samantha King, Queen-of-mean. was rushed to the ER this morning after passing out on set while filming! All reasons are pointing to exhaustion, as the actress had been running low on hours of sleep for a very long time.

Fortunately, her rep tells EN that Ashely will be fine and will take a much needed vacation once she's done filming the last remaining episode of the season for SK.

September 4, 2011

Kissing Co-stars: DRF Edition!

Ruubin must have had a great time last night, the award-winning actress was spotted leaving her rumored boyfriend Lige07's downtown apartment this morning while doing the walk of shame towards her car while wearing the same clothes from the day before!

Ironically, both actors play step-siblings in Elite Network's hit show, Diamonds Are Forever.

Ellie Get's Work Done For Losing Work??

Fakeshake3 was spotted leaving a plastic surgeon's office yesterday afternoon! The actress is said to be getting work done after being replaced in a movie by younger and better looking actress Princesslicha.

But according to the movie's casting director, that was not the case. Ellie had auditioned for the 25 year old female role, but the casting director insisted she be a better fit on playing the 35 year old female role instead.

August 17, 2011

Kamil & Elena UPDATE!!!

We just received an update on Kamil01 and Gkmktk's condition after being in a huge car crash! According to our sources, Kamil reportedly loss a lot of blood after suffering a huge hit to his head which has landed him in a coma. As for Elena, she's awake, but can't remember a thing and also can't move a bone in her body. Doctors don't know if it's temporary or permanent, it's still to early to say.

We've also received news that the driver who caused the accident and was killed was in fact heavily intoxicated. Never drink or drive people. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

Ashely & Tyler On Set Of SK!

I visited Queen-of-mean. & Tylerisbold on set of their hit show, Samantha King, this past weekend. As I chatted with the actors, they both gave me the dish on what they thought when first signing on to do show and how it's been working together.

"After reading the first script, I knew this was the show that I wanted to be involved in. It's so risque and different, very original. I couldn't wait to play this character. I must admit, I was pretty nervous working with Tyler, especially when it came to the sex scenes, but he was very sweet about it and tried his best to make me feel has comfortable as possible."

"When I was offered the role, I was pretty hesitate, because it's such an edgy role and at the time my wife was pregnant and I didn't know if it would be appropriate for me to take on such a raunchy role, but my wife insisted that I do it and I couldn't be happier to have taken on the role seeing how good the show has turned out so far. As for Ashely, she's amazing, she's very easy to work with. She take's her job serious, yet she isn't letting her new found fame go to her head."

Make sure to catch this week's new episode on August 18th on Elite Network!

August 16, 2011

Charlotte Arrives At Hospital!

N1mka4eva has just been spotted arriving at the downtown hospital after hearing about her twin brother's horrific car wreck. Her rumored lover, Undamyumbrellla was also close by her side has both entered the hospital doors.

No news on what condition Kamil01 and Gkmktk are in, but we hear it's very serious. As soon as we hear anything, were make a sure to update you all.

Are thoughts are with Kamil & Elena and their family.

Elena & Kamil Involved In Deadly Wreck!

Gkmktk & Kamil01 were involved in a horrific car wreck just minutes ago, the couple were leaving a downtown cafe after a speeding car unexpectedly crashed into them, flipping their car over a couple times. The driver of the other car was killed on impact, and as for Elena & Kamil they are being air-lifted to a near by hospital after suffering major injuries.

Story still developing....

Baya Tweets: Exciting News

"Sorry for the lack of posts dollies, but I've been busy working with a famous someone on something big!! Who? What?? Don't worry, because I'll tell you all everything very very soon!! Maybe days, hours, minutes, now perhaps???"

August 4, 2011

Linda's Bacherlortte Party!

Elite-girl held her bachelorette party last night! Linda celebrated her last weeks has a single lady with gal pals Poohg_113, Star_Awards, Findurlove, and Queen-of-mean.!!

The ladies were spotted all over the city going to club to club throughout the night. According to our sources, the ladies are now staying at an exclusive spa resort to recuperate from their wild night!

July 27, 2011

Vasia Released From Rehab!!

Vasia28 has finally been released from rehab after a 2 month stint. Vasia voluntary checked into rehab on June 2nd for an drug addiction.

The reality star's rep released the following statement.
"Vasia and her family appreciate the support and privacy her fans have given her through this difficult time and hope for everyone to continue to respect her privacy."

Our sources tell us the reality star rocker has no plans on making a comeback of any kind.

July 18, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever Promo!!!
Elite Network presents Diamonds Are Forever, starring a talented cast with award-winning actress Ruubin, Missicopenguin, Alexcendraburke, and ForeverGorgeous!

It premiere's July 22nd at 7pm GMT on Elite Network.
Spread the word!!!

What Ever Happped To Girl Code??

Miss_LolitaF's best friend, actress Princesslicha has started dating Lolita's ex-boyfriend Paria10, a high class lawyer. According to our sources, Alicia & Reza have been shacking up behind Lolita's back for almost 2 months! When Lolita found out, she reportedly seem fine with it and couldn't be happier for the couple!!

Lolita & Reza dated for a short three months and broke up after Reza found a text message on Lolita's cellphone and didn't want anything to do with her ever since. Our insiders say Lolita has been acting weird and is definitely hiding a big secret!

July 15, 2011

Baya Tweets: SK Premiere!!!

"Yay! Elite Network's new show, Samantha King, just aired! Queen-of-mean.'s role is sooo scandalous!! To catch the two episode premiere click HERE!! The show is addicting!!! Btw, sometime this week I will release yet another promo for the premiere of Diamonds Are Forever..."

July 14, 2011

Elena & Kamil Celebrate Anniversary!

Gkmktk & Kamil01 were spotted downtown. According to our insiders, the couple were celebrating their one year wedding anniversary along with Kamil's twin sister N1mka4eva by going to brunch at Elena's favorite restaurant.

The trio seem shockingly pleasant as paparazzi followed them like crazy, parading and taunting Charlotte mostly, because of her current divorce drama. Paparazzi called out names like "Cheater, cat lady lover, wacko lover" etc.... Which didn't seem to phase Charlotte one bit.

July 11, 2011

A New Guilty Pleasure!!
Get ready for your latest guilty pleasure with Elite Network's newest drama-licious show, Samantha King! Starring one of Stardoll's finest up and coming actresses, Queen-of-Mean.!! The show is set to premiere on July 15th at 7pm GMT on Elite Network.

Here's a sneak peek of the show:
It was a lonely life for Samantha King. High school was officially over, summer had barely begun, and already the beautiful, young brunette felt alone and deserted in the world. Not brains nor looks could bring her out of the slump of complete hollowness she felt. Until she meant....him.

Spread the word!!

July 9, 2011

Style's Prison Sentence!!

Style_Magazine finally had her court hearing this afternoon! When Style faced the judge she plead guilty to both charges for assault and child endangerment.

The judge then gave her sentence and order her to serve a 90 day prison sentence which will begin on July 11th. She also must complete 50 hours of anger management and 75 hours of parenting classes within 1 year of her prison release. Once she completes the judge's order she then will gain full custody of Robyn back, but until then she will only see her daughter in the weekends under adult supervision.

According to eyewitnesses, Style was in tears when the judge gave her his ruling and held her head down in shame throughout the hearing.

As for little Robyn, she'll be living with her god parents, Tylerisbold & Fakeshake3, who have been award temporary custody until Style completes the judges orders.

July 6, 2011

Tyler Get's Custody Of Robyn!

Tylerisbold was spotted heading inside the Stardoll Police Station just moments ago were is good friend Style_Magazine is incarcerated for assault & child endangerment.

According to our sources, Style has reportedly lost temporary custody of her adopted daughter Robyn and has asked Tyler to take custody.

Style will spend the night in jail and will face a judge early tomorrow morning and see if she'll be granted bail.

Style Goes On A Tirade!!!!!

Just moments ago, Style_Magazine went on a violent tirade at a clothing boutique in the Star Plaza! According to onlookers, Style got furious after discovering her cards were maxed out and attacked the cashier and while security tried to escort her out the store she punched and kicked them and even pushed her daughter Robyn off her stroller which landed her daughter on the floor.

She is reportedly in police custody and fixing to face charges for assault and child endangerment. Her daughter is in custody with a social worker.

Story developing...

July 5, 2011

Jenna & Stanley Separate

Emorox4eva and her husband of 3 years, Decowood have filed for legal separation. According to our sources, the couple's recent problems have put a strain on the couple's marriage, and both agreed amicably it would be best to take a break.

A rep for the couple put out this statement:
"After a tough year of the couple's hardships since the beginning of the year, Jenna & Stanley feel it's important for both of them to take a break from their marriage until each resolve their traumatic issues."

Jenna is currently out of the country on a retreat while Stanley is staying with his brother can facing DWI charges. Their baby daughter Fiona is still staying with close friends of the couple.

July 2, 2011

Leaked Photos From Kasia's Cellphone!

Leading up directly after Star_Awards's restaurant outburst, all over the internet are photos of Undamyunbrellla and N1mka4eva getting either really 'buddy buddy' or maybe just seen as more than friends.

Regardless, there are shots of the pair hugged up, some of Charlotte posing in sensual ways, and others of the two in a lovey-dovey fashion.

No matter what the situation is, it gives Vanessa's case of Charlotte as a cheater stronger and sturdier to the public to take in. Charlotte has also been meeting up with her lawyer, though she has been seen with more than 3 just yesterday and back when we mentioned Vanessa and her marriage, there was no reports of there being a prenuptial agreement, so we can see Charlotte fighting to keep her cash since she holds the larger income of the two.

Kasia's rep told EN, "Kasia and Charlie are just close friends." But the question is, just how close of friends are the two?

July 1, 2011

Marcela Going Bankrupt?

In latest breaking news, the multimillionaire actress turned fashion designer, .Marcela.., sold her very successful and infamous brand, M by Marcela to the said to be conniving billionaire Mizzmileycyrus9.

She vaguely Tweeted that, "I will miss M, but sadly, its not mine anymore."

Reportedly, we heard that Reece bought out the fashion brand for 30 million and has mentioned plans of possibly changing the name from 'M by Marcela' to 'R by Reece' since he now holds full power of the company's copyright and branding title and he has already started advertising the brand repeatedly over the airways of the radio and even popular blogging sites like Perez Hilton of Stardoll.

But the star has been out of the loop when it came to business, not scoring any movie roles in the past 2 years and has not made a line since the last S/S Stardoll Fashion Week! And lately, she has been reportedly selling her valuable belongings over eBay and in the Star Bazaar.

So people are wondering, did she sell out because she is going broke?

Ciara Expecting Twins!

Model turned designer, Ciaraleanne, was spotted leaving the Central Dollywood Medical Hospital wearing this maternity like shirt and viewing what seemed to be ultra sound photos of what looked like to be not one, but TWO babies.

Though she completely ignored the paparazzi's questions towards her, she merely smiled and held her stomach while her body guards escorted her to her private car. But people noticed she was alone which leads to questions about who is the babies' father. But there has been no reports of the young model being in a relationship. Is there a possibly that the babies are love childs?

We don't know how far along she is, but she is starting to show a baby bump! Tis' the season for bump watch? I'd say that's a yes.

June 28, 2011

Vanessa Get's Explosive!

Star_Awards was spotted leaving a restaurant last night looking pretty upset. According to onlookers in the restaurant, Vanessa seem to be speaking to her lawyer inside when she reportedly had a huge outburst!

Vanessa and her lawyer were discussing her pending divorce from N1mka4eva, but when the lawyer told Vanessa that the Charlotte was denying the cheating allegations, Vanessa began to throw a fit in the restaurant, and began to yell, "why in hell is she claiming she never cheated??? She's fucking crazy! She did cheat on me! I walked in on her and Undamyumbrella in our bedroom when I got home early from the gym!!! She better pay me half of her millions and the deed to the fucking house! After that shit she put me through, I deserve at least that!!" She then abruptly got up and left.

According to the divorce documents, if Vanessa can prove that Charlotte did in fact cheat, then Nessa is entitled to half of Char's "millions" and full ownership of their 3 million dollar mansion!