November 17, 2010

Style's Mansion: SOLD

After going bankrupt, Style_Magazine was forced to put her $3.5 million dollar mansion on the market in May. Now our sources have confirmed that the castle-like mansion has just been sold to newlyweds N1mka4eva & Star_Awards!!!

The couple have been staying with Vanessa's older sister's (Emorox4eva) guest house since their mansion caught on fire in early July. A friend of the couple says, "they are so excited to have a home again that they can call theirs and are ready to finally start a family in it." They reportedly bought the mansion for $3 million dollars and will be moving into it very soon.

As for Style, she and her daughter have been staying in her downtown penthouse, in which she's also being force to putting it on the market by the end of the year. Poor Style. Don't worry, there are plenty of nice apartments out there.


KingofMedia said...

Lol, awh poor Style!

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I dunno.
I reckon that big ain't always better.
Maybe Style'll prefer something small. It feels more homely and cosy.