November 17, 2010

Lolita declared BROKE.

Yupp, the drama involving the legal battle between Miss_LolitaF, ex-workers of The Stardoll Shiner, The Stardoll Workers Union and of course, the public, is exactly that...a drama!

As union workers of The Stardoll Workers Union held the second meeting today with Lolita, well, let's just say her behaviour displayed it all for them. Today, Lolita turned up late for the meeting once more; last time, it was simply an hour, and she used traffic as an excuse, but this time, she was two hours late. The union workers described her behaviour as 'disgraceful' and 'gave a bad name to everyone who followed her'.

Union workers decided that this case would close with Lolita paying $15,000sd to every worker of The Stardoll Shiner. Her PR Manager later released a statement saying that, 'unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, Lolita has declared herself bankrupt, and will borrow money from The Stardoll Bank to pay off the compensation that her workers feel they deserve. However, as her collection is doing extremely well, she feels that she'll be able to come out of debt soon."

The Stardoll Bank has given her a loan of $50,000sd, but claim that Lolita 'already has other loans totalling up to $100,000sd to pay back, excluding the most recent one we gave her, with an interest of 3% per year'

Lolita has refused to comment on previous loans, how she's now managed to borrow $150,000sd from the bank which is increasing and increasing, or as to how the meeting with The Stardoll Workers Union went.

What will this drama bring us next?

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