November 15, 2010

No decision reached in Lolita's Case

As today's legal battle with Miss_LolitaF and the union executives of Stardoll Workers Union continued, we can be the first to tell the public that no decision into the case has been reached yet. The meeting location was originally secret, but one Stardoll member found that it was at one of the most obvious places, the HQ of SWU.

The Union workers are demanding Lolita pay each worker of her blog, The Stardoll Shiner, approximately $15,000sd in compensation for a combination of redundancy payment and mistreatment of staff.

Earlier on Sunday, a statement was released from Lolita stating that her fans need not worry, because she can 'assure them it'll be sorted as quickly as possible,'. However, when union executives spoke to the press after the meeting, they claimed that Lolita reached the meeting over an hour late, describing her behavior as 'selfish, unprofessional and proof of why she's in the current situation,'. When asked as to why she was late, Lolita shrugged and replied, "Because I was. There was traffic, I had things to do, and although I tried to get there on time, I didn't. So I'm sorry for that, but I guess that nobody in life's perfect,"

Lolita and the union workers of Stardoll Workers Union have scheduled another meeting for Wednesday afternoon. The meeting location this time will not remain secret, as she has, according to union representatives, "abused all the privacy and dignity we gave her,". The meeting will still be held at the Stardoll Workers Union HQ, and it will start at approximately 3pm. Union executives have promised that if no decision is reached by then, "she'll have one day to choose between paying compensation or taking it to court. If she fails to choose, it'll automatically be a case taken to court,"


KingofMedia said...

twice in one day! :O Wow

Good article!

Rose_Jean said...

This blog is terrible. It's untrue, and these elites do NOT deserve it. Why would you even make this stuff up?

PwincessSara/Sara said...

It's for a laugh. All Elites know that :) Stardoll's getting kinda boring, and this blog's here to liven things up a bit.'d be surprised. You've got some Stardoll Shiner staff that do feel they were treated unfairly, but granted, they didn't have a nervous breakdown.